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    On server, most of the people are eating senzus everytime like if it wouldn’t do much. And as we know, one senzu bean is like food enough for 10 days. As we know, we have 10 “meats” on the food bar. One senzu recovers 10 meats on food bar. If someone’s food bar is already full, and they eat another one, then they will lose <meat amount>% on their stats until the food bar gets normal again.
    Here’s an example:
    Your food bar is healed, and you eat a senzu. You get fat because you were full already. You gained +10 on the food bar (not visible) and you lost 10% on all your stats. As you get hungrier, the % will go down.
    Let’s say, you had 100 on all your stats, if you eat a senzu while you were already full you will only have 90 on your stats, then it will be 91, 92, 93…… all the way until it gets back to normal. If you eat 10 senzus, you will be powerless, and your speed will highly decrease.

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    I love the idea! It’s a pity to know that like all the other good suggestions it will not be followed. Because card games are so much important for immersion ….

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    Sam Noé

    It would prevent senzu spam so support !
    But how long would we have to wait ? 10 MC days ? Converted IRL it gives 3h20min, it’s kinda long.
    Especially when they eat them as they were candies in Z.

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    good idea but

    if you have full bar + low health you can use one more time senzu then wait for example 20 minutes
    if you eat again then you lose 10 or more %

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    I did not like it, I do not want it in dbc it will ruin the dbc

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    We can choose in configs how long it will take, from 1 mc day to 30 mc days.

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