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      Basically, a way to farm senzu. I know there was none mentioned in the original, and it may be unbalancing, but the need to visit Korin to get these somewhat binds you to his place. So, what do you people think?

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      6 Star Ball

      I think it should be done where you can just plant the beans. Because their beans. And since its a senzu it takes the longest time to grow tham all other grops and when you harvest it you get 2 or one
      Thats just my thoughts,

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      I’d say it should be either the longest time for crop to grow or a small chance (10 %, or configurable) to get 2 beans while harvesting.

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      already asked this and crimson said he doesn’t want people to rely on senzus to much and use other healing items that will be added later on with the space update.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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