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    senzu beans, dragon balls max potion where you recover all your ki, stamina and health but what confuses me is that why can’t we grow our own senzu’s right? thats how goku and the gang get them from korin already grown well i for one would like to be able to grow senzu beans. Here is how it could work and if anyone else has ideas on how it could work comment below but here is how i believe it could be down. First you are able to grow the beans from a seed or a pod however you believe senzu’s should grow, anyway growing senzu’s should take longer then grabbing them from korin in order to make sure korin still has some use, now a senzu when fully grow should yield 1-3 seeds and about 2-3 senzu’s so its not overpowered to grow them. growing your own senzu’s would be a cool idea because i have always wondered what if they grab a senzu to bulma to see if she could max produce them or grow them as well for goku and friends. leave your ideas below on how you believe it should work like i said i’m interested in what you guys would think on how it would work.

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    Sam Noé

    The plant that produces Senzus is unique, feeble, doesn’t have the abiliity to reproduce and needs tremendous amounts of time to produce a single bean – something like that I haven’t taken the time to watch DB properly yet. This is why the Z team never had more than a handle.

    Therefore the very idea of mass producing them is out of question. Even if Bulma could reproduce the plant, maybe there is other conditions that she simply cannot reproduce, like the location – the Korin tower – or the earth it grows in, or maybe even spiritual conditions. I mean there must be a reason they never grew them massively in the series – out of plot convenience I mean.

    And in term of gameplay this is absurd : this is litterally the best nourriture source of the mod, if not all mods. In survival, even if you keep the one senzu each MC day default config, one could clearly survive by only eating senzus provided you’d limit your food bar consumption.

    Not to mention that, where the dino meat is already quite a solid backbone emergency heal, the senzu is the perfect one, completely broken in huge quantities : a fight that should have taken 15 minutes due to the lack of stamina can go down to a mere 5 with a senzu battery in hand.

    And for ki blast/form users it’s a dream : they wouldn’t even have to worry about ki anymore.

    This idea isn’t new and should sincerely stay a fantasy, the possibilties that would bring massively producable beans would destroy the balance of the mod.

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