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    Mr. Perfect Cell

    Self-destruction. It is a common trope in dbz.
    The opponent has you on the ropes, at deaths door, and you *KNOW* you are gonna die, but not alone!
    You decide to go out with one final *KABOOM*
    this attack is risky used *ONLY* as a last resort, and the surrounding area *WILL* be a crater, and you *WILL* die if you activate this move. the higher your stats, the more powerful explosion, and the radius will increase, up to a certain point. the more powerful you are, the bigger the fireworks display. but again, you will die if you activate this.
    so, what’s the advantage? simple.
    if anything *ELSE* goes with you (dbz mobs and other players only), friend or foe, you gain a large amount of TP. the more you kill in your final sacrifice, the more TP you earn.
    hold up though… what if you DIDNT take anyone with you? what if they were able to tank your sacrifice?
    then, you are now dead, and you get NOTHING for your trouble.
    so. ask yourself, are you willing to risk it all for a power boost? even if it will kill you?

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    Yes, yes I will.

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    Sam Noé

    I just don’t understand how you justify that suiciding in an explosive way makes you stronger.
    But I’ve wanted selfdestruct for a long time now.
    Considering it’s a technique that can take down a much stronger foe if he ain’t paying attention, that would make strong players think twice before randomly picking on newbies.
    Also, the more health (in %) you have as you go kaboom, the more damage you do. Logical, you’ve got more energy to use, and that would make the use of self-destruct more tactical : if I explode now, I’m sure to take him down, but if I fight him and then lose, will it still be powerful enough ?

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      It would also be a more interesting way to kill yourself and see king kai, While also taking about a saga boss with you for dramatic effect.

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      Mr. Perfect Cell

      it’s less to make sense
      and more to give a benefit for taking down as MANY foes with you as possible.
      i mean, it is an iconic technique, i just thought in a mod like this you are given a bunch of tp depending on how many mobs (configurable, can be only other players or bosses) die with you.
      besides, if no one dies, you don’t get anything.
      more from a gameplay perspective.
      as a balance, it might make it harder to revive you for free. i mean, you DID ragequit.
      explosion size and power can vary. BP and health remaining are the biggest factors.
      the larger your BP, the bigger the boom. capped at whats reasonable (configurable)
      keep in mind, this DOES in fact kill *YOU*. so it is a huge risk if you decide to use it on someone with significantly higher BP than you (remember, chiaotzu failed to kill nappa when he self-destructed.) thinking, if the opponent is 10,000 BP over you, don’t even bother. it wont kill them (it might damage them significantly, but for you to get the TP, they *MUST* die with you)

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    There is the problem of if you should move or not while charging this thing:
    If you can’t move while charging the attack, then that would make the attack almost mute unless it charged really fast, or had a GIGANTIC radius.

    But if you can move while charging, even slowly, tons of people would just charge their attack to full and run into a populated place and blow up.

    I really like this idea, and I personally have wanted this attack in the game for a long long while, but the balancing of this move is not to be taken lightly.

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