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    Giovanny Souza

    I’m Brazilian, and to be sure I’m using Google Translate … anyway, a good idea (I think) would be every time you recharge the percentage of power or it turns (I say in the dragon block), every time you do this will lift rocks off the ground, the stronger the stone

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    Nice Idea

    That would be kinda hard to do tho, because you would have to basically create new particle behaviours or block physics. I think this is how it should work. when you charge ki, small particles would rise off the ground instead of blocks, and depending on what blocks were around you, the particles would change. I suppose jin could program some stuff using animationAPI, but I reckon he won’t use other mods that he hasn’t made because it would hurt his pride a bit. But anyway, the more powerful you are, the bigger the particles, until basically whenever you charge, you make a crater, like gohan did when he went ssj2.

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      Giovanny Souza

      I think he could do a kind of self color checker program, so it would only be necessary to make the stones and put that script to interact with at least 1 block away from the player, this script I say is like a chameleon , if it has “flying” will not come out anything, if it has on the ground it detects what color is below the player and applies to the stone, I think it became easier to understand, while the crater I think this has already been replaced by the gust of wind that appears while we carry it, must be why that wind is there and not the crater

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    Victor Alexandre

    It is a good idea.

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