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      Title says it all. I stopped playing DBC (a server) around 2-3 years, I believe? I remember the last thing I heard about was super saiyan rose being implemented, so yeah, I think a shit ton of time ago lmao.

      The thing is that I’m aware that many new things have been released, and I’m extremely outdated, so I’d like to know the ‘spiciest’ things that have been implemented.

      Also, I tend to be very queasy or cranky around building your character, I always tend to research for the ‘meta’ builds and how optimal they are, so I’d love to get some help about them too, stat distribution, etc. The last thing I learned about builds is that super kaio wasn’t good anymore, as it was nerfed heavily.

      Also, I’d love to know how good each race is at the moment.

      Thanks everyone in advance <3

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      The newest and. as you call it, “spiciest” thing is the cosmetic armor Ben has just added. You can equip it in the 2ndFn inventory using the new vanity slots next to the weight slot. Ben also added a tutorial menu you can access in the character sheet, it will tell you how to get said vanity.

      Also, before he passed, Jin added in an experimental Ultra Instinct (only Omen, not Mastered). It isn’t terribly useful atm because he wasn’t able to refine it, but it is there.

      As for builds Namekian is still really bad, but other than that the configs can make certain races more viable than others. I’m no expert but from what I have seen and heard you can usually expect something like this: Saiyan > Arcosian >= Half-Saiyan > Human >> Namekian.

      P.S Super Saiyan Blue Evo and Super Saiyan Rose Evo are also in the game now, and SSJRose is just a reskin of SSJBlue atm.

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      Thanks for the info. Why is saiyan better than half saiyan? What’s the difference?

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      Half-Saiyans are the “Jack Of All Trades, Master Of None” race in DBC, they aren’t bad at anything but they aren’t great at anything either. The main advantage Half has over Pure is that they have more Stamina, Defense, and Ki, but this can to an extent be negated with the use of Cooked Dino Meat which isn’t hard to come by if you are willing to commit Dino genocide in a Dirty Stone biome for 20 or so minutes.

      Because of this one of the Saiyan’s main drawbacks are almost nullified, making their only major weakness having low defense. Which can also be negated by the fact that Pure Saiyans have ridiculous damage, and can kill just about anyone before they can take advantage of the Saiyans low defense. Anyone but Arcosians that is, since Arcos have defense that is just as high as the Saiyan’s attack.

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