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      So first, the stamina drain is so stupid. You can punch 7-10 times and then: You haven’t got any stamina left and have to wait for it to regenerate or eat a senzu bean. I prefer the senzu bean and this sucks. Normally you use a senzu bean to regenerate if your near death or haven’t much Ki left but with the stamina drain…

      I want an option to control the stamina drain.

      Now the releasing and transforming.
      In the Anime (or in other games like Xenoverse 2) when strong characters release thier power. As Frieza transformed into Golden Frieza not just some rocks were levitating or the ground was shaking, no, the whole ground around him broke into pieces. I would love to see this in minecraft. The stronger you get. So let’s say till 5000BP nothing happens. After 5000BP to 25000BP the ground around you stars to levitate and other are being pushed away form you(unless they’re stronger than you). After 25000BP to 150000 some blocks around you start to break. From 150000BP to 500000BP many blocks around you start to break, your energy-wave is travelling further and the the screen starts to shake. After 500000BP the effects go stronger and stronger.

      I hope you (and Jin) liked that idea!

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      Support, but how would this work?

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      Eh, I don’t think this should be the case. I think there should be an animation, if you’re standing still and powering up, that makes like 3×3 blocks below you start to “break”. They won’t of course break, it should just be for looks.

      Now, I highly disagree with “The stronger you are, the bigger the effect” as strength doesn’t really affect how much you shake the enviroment around you in DB. You can see saiyan saga Vegeta shaking the whole fucking earth charging up a ki attack, and then you can see Goku’s SSBKKx10, which is like, extremely more powerful than saiyan saga Vegeta’s attack, only breaking a couple of ground tiles.

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      I absolutely agree with decreasing the stamina drain or just removing it all together. As I play it doesn’t seem like I can actually fight anymore; the stamina regeneration takes so long and when I do get all my stamina back I can only punch about five times before I end up having to wait 15 seconds for it all to come back. I liked it back when punching drained a bit of ki and there was no stamina drain because this mod focuses on Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball is very high-speed action which I don’t think anyone can have if they have to constantly deal with a stamina drain that even when you increase it nothing happens.

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      Maybe if you keep your Cons above your Str you wouldnt have this problem.

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