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      This is just going to be a post of random ideas and possible balancing changes that i wanted to post before i forget about them for another couple of months.

      1st. God form for other races – honestly this one was harder to decide for the humans and Arcosians aesthetically due to no real known specific transformations for them, but i’ll get to that later. firstly for the the Namekians i figured that their specific forms( with the current level 3 god form cap) would go as follows

      God Form Level 1
      – Sensing God Ki and Minor Stat Boost(pretty standard here)
      God Form Level 2
      – For Namekians in particular the most logical form ( that isn’t a random made up form from nowhere) would be the red eyed Namekians that are seen in both heroes and even referenced in some dragon ball online trailers(also a timeline that ties into xenoverse 1 and 2). Of course this would include God Ki sensing and a greater stat boost(to be determined by configs, but according to heroes it’s the SSG equivalent.
      God Form Level 3
      – Level 3 follows the same trend and the next level per say is the blue eyed Namekian form which is said to be the equivalent to SSB( Sounds far fetched but it exists and is relatively better depending on what your opinion of eye color changes instead of hair color changes is).As previously stated with Level 2 Better God Ki Sensing and larger multiplier (Determined by configs)
      All in all i’d also say they should give better ki control with each level but without the god ki/ki update any point i make now could be invalid or already done, so i’ll save those ideas for later

      As for Humans and Arcosians i figured God form could act as an additional(Additive not Multiplicative) multiplier on top of Golden Form and Full Potential Humans(Looking at you krillin) obviously with God Ki Sensing and etc taken into account for each level, multipliers defined by the configs.

      Next Divine and Legendary Status
      – this was another hard topic to think on for certain races but i’ll be brief for this one considering the wall of text you suffered above.
      Human – Legendary Status will work as a small( or determined by configs) multiplier to base form that can be stacked with forms. my reasoning being that a legendary human would just be a rare genius with huge potential. i also considered lower tp cost for legendary humans but that seems like a slippery op slope, so that one is up for debate.

      Namekians – This one was a lot easier since it’s just basically super namek, basically similar in nature to humans in terms of functionality due to it basically being a namekian prodigy and nothing more. i also considered them possibly being able to become evil easier due to being corrupted by power as stated in the anime but that’s also up for debate and would be annoying if you wanted to be a good super namek so i crossed that off.

      Arcosians – as we’ve seen with frieza, his father, and brother they were all basically rare mutants of their race with made them stronger than the rest of their race, in short it works similar to both namekians and humans in functionality.

      Saiyans – Green hair and higher ki regen in super saiyan. the main difference with legendary i figured would be it being transformation specific boost as it currently is now applicable to all saiyan forms (Minus God forms obviously, and no broly god doesn’t count). i also figured making it impossible to stack legendary with anything(looking at you kaioken) would also help balance it out a bit.

      Divine Status – i figured the best way to introduce this status would either be to train under a supreme kai or higher and go through a series of quests/or interesting mini games to ” train yourself and reach a divine level and by also going through a ritual similar to how trunks became a supreme kai assistant and became able to heal people”. option b would be just dragon balls, with the limit being that it’s only accessible by the namekian dragon balls due to them being stronger than earths(possibly changed to super dragon balls if we get the space update to make it harder to obtain). i figured that would help balance it out a bit.

      Fusion – really for fusion all we need is a few touch ups and added potara fusion( i figured they can both be configurable by the configs/servers. and possibly adding npc/trainer fusions for single player. i figured this would work by temporarily de-spawning the fused npc and using a configurable percentage of their stats to decide how strong both fusions are(and re-spawning after the fusion ends). and for potara if you fuse with a kai/divine being(see where i’m going) you need to use the dragon balls to defuse(configurable) but you run the risk of the fusion becoming unstable(helps balance things out).

      other than that i thought briefly on zenkais for saiyans however without a current “near death/knockout” status for characters it would be too impractical to use and could end up making it useless(in which case why even add it at all). so until that gets expanded on no zenkais at all for saiyans.

      and that’s about it, if i think of anything else or if you guys wanna bounce off ideas to help make this mod better through plausible ideas and creativity feel free to respond.

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      One more quick idea I wanted to add to the above for fusion.
      Unstable Fusion – caused by fusing that occurs between one divine and non divine being, fusing while transformed or strained, possibly also between too high of power gap(like a new player fusing with their maxed out friend or npc goku for a singleplayer world).
      As for the results of unstable fusions minus the case of fusing with a deity, unstable fusions will last much shorter than normal fusions and will suffer from lower Damage and increased ki consumption.

      I also have an idea for strain but I’ll probably post that later today after work.

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      This next post will just be some random ideas i had around lunch time for possibly introducing the Hakaishin (god of destruction or GoD). as well as how to obtain it and how it would relate to god Ki and divine status effect.

      Hakaishin – first and foremost the power of Hakai or destruction and any(toppo like) transformation that comes with it will only be accessible( with certainty) when possessing both divine status and god ki level 8(going off of a God Ki Skill with level 10 as the max). lastly the player of mention must also be neutral( as a GoD is simply a rock in principle on the scales of balance in the overall universe between creation and destruction(not counting the laziness of said god).

      Reasoning – from what we know about the process in order to become a hakaishin, one must be trained by a GoD or greater as well as give up all attachments(in the case of Toppo) that would prevent them from serving their duties which go beyond their moral compass or feelings(here is where the neutral requirement comes in). any mortal can become a GoD however all GoD Posses some type of god Ki either as a result of the ritual in which they become a GoD or perhaps developing and training in it’s usage(and here is where the God Ki levels come into play).

      The Levels of God Ki – Note each level of God Ki will also require the completion a special mini-game to tests one’s abilities to focus and control said ki(or perhaps a coded quest if Jin prefers to go that route, but i figured mini-games would spice things up a bit more than a TP grind). i figured this requirement would act as a representation for the type of special meditation, focus, and commitment required to ascend to such a level.

      1. Minor God Ki Sensing(Essentially works similar to ki sense limiting what you can see about players in god forms or using god power based on your level) and abilities beyond one’s maximum power(In reference to the DevBlogs, as such levels 1 to 7 will remain roughly the same and the GoD “Form” won’t be available till 8)
      2.Minor God Ki Sensing and Abilities(Stats etc/To Be configured for all mentioned stats in later levels.)
      3.Minor God Ki Sensing, Minor God Ki Regeneration and Abilities(Stats etc.)
      4.Decent God Ki Sensing, Minor God Ki Regeneration and Abilities(Stats etc.)
      5.Decent God Ki Sensing, Minor God Ki Regeneration and Abilities(Stats etc.)
      6.Better God Ki Sensing, Decent God Ki Regeneration and Abilities(Stats etc.)
      7.Better God Ki Sensing, Decent God Ki Regeneration and Abilities(Stats etc.)
      8.Same as previous but GoD mode is available. (See Below for Limits and Risks)
      9.Greater God Ki Sensing, Better God Ki Regeneration and Abilities(Stats etc.)
      10. Mastered God Ki Sensing, Greater God Ki Regeneration, and Greater Abilities Beyond one’s limit as well as a “near” 100 percent chance to succeed and transform into the GoD Mode when all Conditions are met.

      So you’re probably thinking that once you get to level 8 that you’ll be able to Hakai away Ki blasts like nothing right? wrong. the base success rate for transforming into GoD mode will be based off of Amount of God Ki remaining(can’t transform with nothing in the tank), the presence or lack of divine status(without this status your chances plummet quite a bit) and lastly you’re alignment however, should you fail this transformation you will suffer from a godly strain as a result of trying to access powers beyond your means preventing you from using God Ki entirely for a period of time(To be Configured).

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      Trunks never became a supreme kai assistant did he?

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        It’s referenced in the manga to explain his healing abilities.

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        Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 24 if you’re wondering

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      This Post will just be a couple of ideas i have about strain before going to bed.

      Strain – as depicted in the show strain occurs when someone goes beyond their bodies limits and can have lasting effects if done extensively(looking at you Kaioken and Ultra Instinct). as a result of the strain incurred it cause the users body to be more prone to damage(Bonus Dmg Received Configurable), and in more extreme cases can become unable to use Ki(For a configurable period of time) or fight ever again if said strain is severe enough(More of a hardcore setting, less likely to be added).

      So here is my proposal in all things that our characters do there is a strain, be it training to become stronger, fighting to survive, or transforming. during these things we push ourselves and as such we incur small amounts of strain(Basically StrainIn Status before you get actually Strained unless you guys want some kinda strain meter?) that eventually build up and require us to rest(Single Player Specific) or wait(Server Specific) to recover properly. as a result of said change the amount of StrainIn(Status) our characters can endure before being completely strained would have to be increased appropriately(Config Dependent more than likely)in order to prevent Strain from completely Gimping us and ruining overall gameplay.

      Things that contribute or have increased StrainIn than those previously stated above.
      -Stacking Forms with Kaioken (Obviously)
      – Energy and Stamina Intensive Transformations(Buffed, Giant, SS3 and Golden Form i’m looking at you, and Blue isn’t safe either)
      -Transforming Multiple times in a row or transforming during the StrainIn Status.(To offset this i’d suggest the capability to downgrade between forms without completely de-transforming.)
      – Transforming to higher level forms(SS3, Golden, Blue, BlueS, and etc during fusions, which will also reduce fusion time(Obviously)
      – Training in areas with greater gravity such as the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, King Kai’s World, and areas affected by the gravity machine(And maybe even Planet Vegeta since it makes sense canonically?).

      P.S. Strain probably won’t be able to be incurred while dead(since you are y’know dead). so the strain on king kais world wouldn’t really apply until we have a way of going there without dying in order to train(Instant transmission? maybe i’ll discuss that later too).

      that’s all i really have currently for strain and i think sometime tomorrow i will tackle the idea of skill diversity and progression.

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      Sniver Akashi

      Idea 1. The idea that I have is to add fighting animation to make fighting better or more enjoyable, to better add to this idea make a kicking button so that players have the choice between punching and kicking.
      Idea 2. For this idea i suggest that you are to add the ability to make people lose there body parts like if someone where to use a sword or a ki attack on a person make it have the chance to cut off body parts, such as someones arm or leg, or you could use the special beam cannon and have it make a hole in someone’s chest
      Idea 3. The last idea i have for you is to enhance the fusion skill. for an example when people with tow different hair styles fuse it merges the hair styles together making a whole new hair style. or if they had two different hair colors do something like Gotenks’ hair. or if someone where to have the legendary effect and the other where to have normal super saiyan make the hairs be like half green and half yellow

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      Finally gonna talk about this now so here goes some of my ideas(mostly balances) for Ultra Instinct.

      Ultra Instinct – First and foremost Ultra Instinct(Or UI) will not be a form(obviously) and that is due to the nature of ultra instinct similar to Mushin or the power of nothingness(street fighter reference) UI is a state of mind rather than a form and based of what we currently know about this state it can only be acquired in 1 of 2 ways. The 1st way is through millions(or more) years of training(for gods time is nothing) and devotion to mastering the art of self movement(that is to move without thought). which is why normally for gods and especially so for mortals this state of mind is nearly impossible to achieve at will(thus being the reason that it will never be a true form). The second way to achieve this state is to be at one’s absolute limit caught between the boundary between exhaustion and death, basically one must be pushed to the end and then beyond even that, and then beyond that weakened state there is a chance your body will break it’s limit.

      Now lets discuss how this will apply to Dragon Block C. So based on what i said before here is how UI will work(though it will be mostly meaningless until we have a knockout or downed state but w.e) when you’re near death(probably dying)you have a small(and i do mean small) chance of obtaining the UI(Status), by nature the percent chance of this status occurring when near dead or dying is calculated based on maxed stat percentage. The more of your stats you have maxed out the greater chance the state will occur(so regardless of stat max the requirement will stay roughly the same). Therefore lets assume you max out all your stats(cap doesn’t matter since it’s based on % of maxed stats instead of numbers) you will have a 1% chance of this state happening while near death and to give you a better idea, if all of your stats are at 50% of their max then you will have a .5% chance of obtaining this state(you can do that rest of the math on you’re own).

      Now for the powers of UI, when in UI you have a dodge or chance to avoid(basically taking no damage at all from attacks), since this is UI and not MUI we’re talking about(it’ll be around 60-70% since we’re all not Goku). Since this is a limit breaking state while in this state your stats will be at or beyond their limit(basically you max out for a short period of time and if you were maxed before you go beyond that, probably configurable to decide how much over your limit you go), Also upon acquiring this status while near death 50-70% of your hp,body,and stamina will be recovered(wouldn’t make sense to die after surpassing the gods so soon right?). Lastly the time limit of this state(which more than likely will be configurable) at base will be 3 minutes(i know that sounds short but for maxed stats and damage negation it’s pretty tame).

      Next are the effects, of course after completely destroying your body’s limit you’re gonna be tapped out once it’s over and done. Basically you will be left with 5-10% of your HP, KI, and Stamina remaining and lastly you will incur strain for roughly 30 minutes as well as being unable to use any type of transformation(no racial skills or kaioken basically)for the entire duration of the strain, so either you wait for your body to recover(like a normal person) or you can die and loose the status.(Perhaps Senzu Beans can half or completely remove the status as well?)

      So far that’s all i really have about UI, i know some of the restrictions may seem harsh but in all honesty going beyond Godly power should be. Next i think i’ll talk more about a possible Dodge mechanic based on stats sometime whenever.

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        Therefore lets assume you max out all your stats(cap doesn’t matter since it’s based on % of maxed stats instead of numbers) you will have a 1% chance of this state happening while near death and to give you a better idea, if all of your stats are at 50% of their max then you will have a .5% chance of obtaining this state(you can do that rest of the math on you’re own).

        Note/Correction: This is suppose to be 10% at max and 5% at 50% of max.

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      Sup, finally had time between work and life to post a few more ideas throughout the day today mostly covering dodge, light, TP Gain, and possibly other stuff later today.

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      So first things first on my list of random ideas to talk about is dodge.

      Dodge is a passive mechanic by which you completely avoid melee damage(signaled by the dash sound when double pressing A or D) without needing to have complex Function + WASD movements to accomplish the same thing. The reasoning behind this was mostly balancing simplicity, So far i was thinking the cap for said dodge mechanic should be around 10-30% which would be a fair number when compared to my idea for UI which was 60 – 70%. Moving on Dodge chance will be calculated and based on 3 Stats ( Dex, Con, and Mind) Reasoning behind these stats was mostly based upon my perception of their application in the actual show, as stated before in my earlier posts, the only way to supersede the dodge cap is by being in the ultra instinct state.

      Dodging attacks in the events of mobs(Probably DBC mobs) and other characters your dodge chance can be lowered or completely negated if the attacker has more dexterity(essentially speed, since you can’t dodge what you can’t see). To give an example of this lets say(throw out number here, no weight on actual values) you have 30% dodge at 1000 dexterity, if your opponent has 25% more or 1250 dexterity then your chance to dodge against them will be 22.5% and if they have 1500 dex it will be 15% and if they have 2000 Dexterity then you will have a 0% chance to dodge against them. However, the only way to negate an opponent out-speeding your dodge is by being in the UI State(Since i made it so hard to acquire i figure it would make sense to have this as a feature for UI dodging specifically)

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      I know this sounds vague or too simple but trust me and read on. By the very nature Ki, whenever it is focused or gathered in large amounts it becomes visible and can give off light of varying colors or change its state into other elements such as fire and lightning(May explore these on a later date when I talk more about skills). In short what I suggest is that when charging up or entering Turbo mode our characters Ki/Aura produce light(Similar to a Torch) which in effect will illuminate the area around us based on the size or intensity(0 to 100%) of our aura, As a result of the light given off by our Ki I suggest also adding a “sphere of influence” in which mobs can’t spawn around us( roughly the same size as the light we give off) in order to give players the feeling of monsters avoiding you by sheer force of power(as seen in the show that animals and other creatures can in a way sense Ki or danger and by association tend to avoid it). Although stronger mobs will still spawn.

      This was more of a shorter idea which i thought would be a fun add on instead of a Code intensive and more difficult idea, I think a lot of player would enjoy the novelty of having this feature, and could possibly be applied to Ki based attacks later on should it become popular enough.

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        Sam Noé

        Mobs already can’t spawn closer than 24 blocks from any player, but having a mechanic that make them flee away would be cool.
        But this also goes to the list of low priority that will be done when the mod is mostly complete.

      • #42349

        Yeah i figured it would be a nice end of development features that could be tossed in once all the more pressing updates and bug fixes are taken care of.

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      TP Gain

      My last idea for today was an expansion on the numbers of methods we have available for obtaining TP(particularly more important for single player or simplistic servers). In short my suggestions was to include other forms of Damage other than punches, blasts, or projectiles fired by us. Basically i suggest that we add Damage taken as a way to gain TP, In short making it more efficient and effective for players or friends to train together by sparring and to make sparring a more valid form of training just like it was in the show. Basically whenever you take Damage you have a chance(same as your TP Gain chance) to gain whatever amount TP you have it set to for Punches,Blasts, and etc.

      As stated above my reasoning for this suggestion was to add a few more way for players early on to gain TP in both Single player and on Servers while also bringing back player sparring and PVP as a way for players to get stronger together. Since as things are now, there really isn’t any reason to spar with people or take damage on a Single player world or server when you have a dummy you can hit “X amount of times” or a quest you can turn in for Insta-thousands of TP.

      One way I was also thinking to help balance and make sparring a more effective means of training was to increase the amount of TP gained when training in places with gravity or while wearing weights which all lower stats. In short lets say you and an opponent of equal strength are training at 100 gravity and your stats are lowered roughly by 50% as a result of the Gravity/Weight, you will thereby gain 50% more TP.

      Ex: 50 TP a punch would become 75 TP a punch as a result.

      So far that was all I really had on my mind today at lunch on the subject of TP Gain, should I have any more ideas i’ll reply to this.

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        Sam Noé

        Gravity already gives you more TP in some way, by that I mean since you have to punch more times to kill your ennemies and so have more chances of getting TPs.
        But I fell like punching, or getting punched as you suggest, should be the backbone of any training but with alternatives.
        Like as you grow stronger you’d unlock minigames that’d bring shit tons of TPs but you can’t do them often, so that you can’t rely on them alone to train but they can be useful minigames to gain some TPs while you’re busy doing other stuff than training.
        Yeah because, let’s be honest, training literally obliterate other “activities” such as building, farming, making redstone, terraforming, or even I dunno trying to obtain the armor set you dream of, and so on.
        Especially on servers, people are so focused on training that they don’t do anything else most of the time, some servers even give food at disposal at a very cheap price so that they don’t have to worry about one of the highest priority task in MC : making sure to have food supplies.
        That’s why training should also go through basic activities and quick minigames, so that you’re not completely left behind as soons as you stop training seriously.
        Well the subject of training always come back to the table anyway, and the same ideas keep coming back, so there’s not much to add.

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        But yeah, that is a huge thing I noticed in a multitude of servers that i played on when i first got into dragon block c was training. If you weren’t training you were probably logged off atm or busy with something else. which is why I figured having sparring as a more viable option would encourage communities to play with each other as opposed to just Enter Training Area->Punch for 30 minutes
        ->Apply Stats->Repeat.

        Other than that i have been tossing ideas of newer mini games in my head like with the idea for the Hakaishin Quest line and training in my earlier post.

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