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    Stat multi rework: The current mulits would all be erased, and it would be dependent on class instead of race. Each race would have their own passives that would encourage certain playstyles, but not force them to a specific playstyle, so any race would be able to do anything they would just have a sort of “helping hand” instead of the current barrier. So sayains would get a berserker passive, meaning the lower their hp is the more dmg they would do. for namekians they would have a toggle ability in the x menu called regeneration, and it would regen a certain % max health for the cost of a extreme stamina drain, or constant drain toward stamina that way the ability could not be spammed. Arcosians would have the opposite of sayins so to speak, they would be stronger when they are at full hp or atleast over 50% of their hp. then as they reached the 50% mark or lower their pp points would be drained. Humans would have adrenaline so when they get in a fight for a short period of time they would have a boost in damage, however after the time period has ended all the dmg that has been dealt to them will come back to hurt them, so like a delayed affect.

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    Sounds fun, I wouldn’t mind having this

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    Also, the multipliers as you said: will lwork on class, not race.
    Maybe it could work like(I’ll use SS1 as a example):
    Str- 130
    Dex- 130
    Wil- 120

    Martial artist-
    All- 125

    Str- 120
    Dex- 120
    Wil- 135

    But that’s just my take on it

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    I thought this would be Racical stats rework in the configs, so loads of numbers but, I didn’t expect this to be like this, but this i guess somewhat cool and I would go for it.

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