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    So this is a suggestion that I feel will make DBC better for servers.

    Make each race’s stats configurable by the servers.
    You’d be able to make Namekians faster, have more health etc, or perhaps make Arcosians slower but deal more Ki damage. The possibilities are endless and it’d allow servers to balance races to their liking.

    Another thing is for Jin to remove the Half Saiyan and Saiyan transformation multiliers config. Make them two different ones. Also make Mystic have its own Multiplier config for each race.

    Overall just add more config options for servers to use that’d make them more unique and better. It’d lead to servers being able to balance themselves with their transformations and even make Ki a viable option in combat again.

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    i like all this ideas,
    i will like to add, a option to change how sustentable is the kaioken.
    since when you put it on false,you cant use it,
    when you put it on true,its insanly easy to do it.

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