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      Who doesn’t love the DBC mod? It’s one of the most faithful mods out there to its source material, and explores so much so to separate Super Saiyan grades which even triple A games haven’t done when customisation is included. However, one of its main issues is the fact it is a mod and, although its very well done, could be improved in some aspects such as long-inaccessible survival items or convenient yet confusing methods to retrieve said items.
      I think some of these can be improved.

      – The Power Pole is a pretty useful tool in early survival. It’s pretty strong, maybe too much so, but the main issue for me is how you get it – through wishing. Instead, I wonder if it’d be possible to place an extended power pole in-between Korin Tower and Kami’s Lookout, allowing a player to not only pick it up but also to climb up to Kami without the use of the nimbus.

      – The Nimbus change I suggest links to the previous point. In the manga, the Nimbus could only go so high up – and couldn’t ascend to Kami’s lookout or even past Korin Tower. Because of this, I think the Nimbus should have a flight limit which brings the power pole and flight ability to use and, at least in Early Game, doesn’t make Nimbus redundant. Also, maybe Kami’s Lookout’s peak could be at the build limit if its not already which puts a further distance between Kami and Korin which holds more true to the source material and how Kami’s Lookout is considered “Heaven”.

      – The Dimension Sword is a pretty cool weapon in the mod, but again it relies on wishes to be accessed – multiple wishes, in fact. Possibly this is to make it harder to gain the powerful weapon, but I might have a better idea. In order to retrieve the Dimension Sword, you need a Club, which Janemba originally got from Hell. I’d say you could get this club by killing demons in Hell, which is very hard but considering it gives a piece of the sword, very rewarding at the same time.

      – This is a small point, considering its a bit demanding and maybe unrealistic, but in the far future I’d love to see Dragon Ball content placed before the DBZ stuff. It’d make early game much more entertaining and less grindy, as well as interesting – I’d like to fight Tien as the first flying enemy in a World Tournament Stage structure (maybe that’s where Fly could FIRST be taught from?), as well as see our first difficulty spike come in the form of Youthful King Piccolo. Even fighting the average Red Ribbon soldier as a hostile NPC would make the world feel more alive and challenging in Early Game, but easy enough because they’re not Dinosaurs or Missile-Shooting Robots. 1.7.10 Minecraft is, for me, a tad bland, and until you get tougher you can’t experience the full joy of the mod, which is why I think the Dragon Ball stuff could make for some good starting content.

      – The main reason I posted was because of my hope that, now that the “Super” storyline is completed, the “Side Missions” tab would get some love. In a praised extension mod which added Side Content and improved older versions of the story, such as adding Buuhan and Kidbuu, Side Missions included Movie Sagas and Training Missions – which gave TP as well as gave people more content to explore as they went through the story. Hopefully Ben focusses on a possible rendition on this, where Movie Sagas are a something that one can play after beating an arc or enemy, e.g. after King Cold and Frieza are defeated the “Cooler” stories are unlocked, or before the Cell Games missions the first “Broly” movie is unlocked. I think this is a good way to supply items that you can’t get in survival (excluding wishes), such as Janemba Essence (which you can get from Janemba) or Broly’s/Paragus’ clothes (DBZ and DBS). It’d most likely take a long time to implement even more stories and models, but I’d say they’re worth it for intermission updates, as aside from GT and a bit of Dragonball there’s not much content left to expand on, considering Super’s 2nd season hasn’t come out and Heroes is… Heroes.

      Tell me what YOU think!

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