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    Hey guys, haven’t played the mod for a long while, I’m back and itching to make a server. My idea is to make a server that will be as lore friendly as possible. By doing that I plan to completely change some of the configs in order to balance the other races and add a few extra mods that will enhance the mod without outshadowing it.
    What i want to ask is what mods should I put in the world. Mods that by themselves won’t disturb the balance of the DBC mod. Suggestions like Tinkers Construct or Mo’ Biomes, if I should add those to let me know to, others like Thaumcraft won’t be good because it pulls away from the main mod. I already plan on using Custom NPCs but if you have any other ideas please lmk!

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    I got an idea on what the server name should be, KameCraft

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