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      Hello there, are you tired of joining servers just as they fall apart?
      Are you tired of having zero support, zero Structure and not enough Support from your almighty superiors?
      Would you like to be taken serious for once? To really be acknowledged and brought in as one of everyone else, no true separation in the ranks by trust, but instead by ability and the work you do?

      then I must introduce you to, Project Mystic.
      Currently in development, and planning on releasing for Beta testing in the coming months, you know what that means?
      STAFF, and Pronto.
      Moderators, Builders, Even Admins, if you fit the bill, and you’re willing to work with our team side by side, in no time at all I can assure that you will be rewarded for Activity, Professionalism and Talent.
      We’re mostly in need of Builders, and you don’t need to be too good, Why?
      Because WE Will teach you, Pointers, tips, and we will work side-by-side with you on assignments to help you progress and learn.
      Any skill levels are being accepted, any level.
      If you have a Minecraft account, and you want to be Apart of something great, apart of our Dragon Block C server, with truly unique Content and Systems, then come on in.

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