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      Jose Daniel

      I made a Dragon Block C and Naruto C server with Hamachi and Forge everything is fine until I enter the server and in the world I get “Waiting for server data” and other dialogs that should already know what they are, basically I can’t create my character nor does anyone know how to fix this error?
      I put the same server mods in my mod folder as well when I enter a normal Dragon Block server I don’t get any of this. what am I doing wrong

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      you founded a solution?

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      Jose Daniel

      I never found a solution to the problem ūüôĀ

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      And you got the right versions of both correct?

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      i got one going last night though i was just testing getting one going in general for local host. Id say try getting it to work where you can connect locally first then worry about himachi and port forwarding after wards.

      Anyways tips i could give. did you use the same version of forge as the mod needs for client and for server?

      and did you by chance put any mods onto the server that really don’t work on server?

      i know i got lazy and copied my mods folder from my client side and some mods like advanced world selector( while a handy mod when you change saves and mod load outs a lot is handy) causes some hiccups for sever side.

      also did you get the .bat file to work for you sever start up? it took me quite a while to get this to work and i’m still not totally sure what made the difference and why some work and others don’t but if that won’t work then theres still some trouble shooting to be done.

      when the command prompt for the sever starts( cmd window) do you have it set to have PAUSE at the end of command so that any errors will be written out for you?

      Or if the server window GUI popped up what errors did it point out before closing down or did you check the logs for a crash report?

      and of course did you create a regular world before installing forge and testing that?
      I did do that and while i didnt enter to test the world till i got the mods installed it is important to do that step.

      I would say just setting up a server and getting forge going then adding the jin mods and what not isn’t too bad, much less buggy and more straight forward then adding in plugins( still haven’t figured that part out myself lol).

      Do you play different versions of minecraft? sometimes i get errors on 1.7.10 and dbc and what not break after i’ve tried a different version sometimes.
      Maby try a clean install of minecraft with just 1.7.10 an update of java and a clean reinstall of forge and use same installer for both client and server.

      Try and get connect locally to work first using your own ip address and if its working there then try adding in himachi or port forwarding.
      also what is the pc thats going to be the server? does it have enough ram and strong enough cpu if you at least quad core cpu and 8G ram or more you should be just fine, but asking just in case…( granted my backup pc that might turn into a server is only 2 core cpu windows xp with 8g ram.. and it might can do the job but its really questionable… lol)

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      Jose Daniel

      I looked for a tutorial, I followed the steps well but the error does not matter the world loads well everything is perfect but it is impossible to create a character in terms of mod version because I put the latest versions that had come out to that date
      As for server configuration, I only put it to No Premiuns

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      No premiums??

      okay is the server hosted or was the no premiums thing with hamachi?

      if hosted might need to talk to server host about the issue since error sounds like communication issue.

      but to check the error is menu for mod to create character is stuck with waiting on server data right? like regular dbc stuff spawns like kamis lookout and all that right?

      but if you server is on your pc would need a bit extra data from ya.

      1. do you allready have a vpn service? hamachi conflicts with vpn since it also makesa vpn as well.

      2. which system is your pc? (mac, linux, windows, and which version ect..) i know windows, and can eventually manage with linux depending on which one lol and mac… lets hope not lol.

      3. did you get the server .exe form minecraft downloads? alot of videos link to there but 1.7.10 server.exe is not on there anymore. but if the mods are spawning in world id say you prolly got the right one.

      4. is the server just to play with friends?
      cause hamachi does cause a lot of issues and it might be easier to set up port forwarding and letting friends have the ipv4 address to link in to lan server that way. because the fix will involve tweaking protections in firewall, hamachi, router, or checking dlls.

      let me know and well see what we can figure out.

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      Jose Daniel

      I am Premiun but I put the server for no premiuns because my friends are No Premiuns
      The things of DBC if the structures work the clothes everything except the Characters
      I don’t have any VPN service just hamachi to open the server
      My PC is from Windows system with version 10
      Server.exe? hmm it was a while ago that I tried to create the server but I think the file is created if I’m not bad
      And yes, the server is to play with friends a normal world nothing big.

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      if its loading the structures and all that its definatly the right server.exe and mods loading. it would just be hamachi then. id say try loading up the server and connect locally via localhost or typing in your pcs ip address and making sure mod works if its not working there then redownload the mod and put in the new files and try again. once its working locally set up port forwarding its not to bad you’ll need to know which router you connect to the internet with and its model#. log into router see if you can set up a static ip address through the router so it wont change a bunch and make sure if you change which port is used to update that as well as the ip address in server properties file.

      and just give your friends your ipv4 address to log in with if you cant get a static set up just give your friends the new ip address after server startup. can look up your ip info via windows key+ R at the same time and type cmd press enter and then type ipconfig and press enter itll list alot of stuff but your ip address and ipv4 address will be listed as well.

      the minedcraft wiki has a good amount of info on the topic and links to the sites that can help lookup login info for your router and a pretty good guide on the topic.
      as it does depend on which router you have from your provider..

      as for keeping hamachi it comes with a good bit of issues, since the program seems to be blocking the updater from communicating with your pc you could check firewall advanced settings and making sure it has permission for inbound traffic for both hamachi and java. it could also be a setting in hamachi but i havent used hamachi personally since 2007 swhen it was used to make bootleg wow servers so im sure stuff has changed alot and it now does vpn tunneling… but when looking into it with a basic search it seems to have a lot of issues when running mods.

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      Jose Daniel

      I solve it thanks for the help

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      Alex C

      i made a server with scala but everytime i load in the character section just says server waiting for data but works fine in single player world idk what to do

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