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    IG Y

    This is kinda weird ting to say, and I’ve been getting it since I first ever played.

    Straight to the point, my Battle Power and Statistics(Melee Damage, Defence, etc.) just remains as normal(base) even though I transformed into other forms I achieved already.

    Am I supposed to modify something in some configs as well, just like the “500 Attribute Limits” topic, or any ideas?

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    • This topic was modified 5 months, 3 weeks ago by  IG Y.
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    Ok so what I am getting from this is your max is set to 500 and your transformations don’t go past that. So that involves the config. It should be around the attribute limits and it says “Transformation goes over stat limit” or something like that. Set that to true and it should fix it.

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      IG Y

      I found the code, changed it, and it seems works for now.

      Actually, like I said, the 500 Attribute limitation problem was already fixed before I suggest this thread, so it was just an example and stuff for asking.

      But anyway, thanks for the help! 😉

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