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      Trevor Butrum

      Honsesly pp for arcos is really useless and it would be nice if it had a rework. I had a couple ideas. Reduce the drain, doing this would make it able to last longer. Increase pp storage, having higher pp storage would make last longer but it would take a while which leads me to my next point. Increase pp regen, this would make it able to use it quicker than building it up for 30 min.

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      PP is based in mind, your mind is little? okay, you pp same

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        Max PP is based on your transformation skill, not mind. Though there is an indirect link between them, since you need mind to upgrade skills.

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      You can adjust the PP Regeneration multiplier in the config. A configurable drain and power multiplier would be quite nice though.

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      Trevor Butrum

      Yeah but on the Jin Games server I cant change anything and pp is kinda useless on there.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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