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    I have an idea, there should be foods that multiply your power by a certain amount, for a limited time, like an effect of power or some sort. Also, there should be some clothing items that can only be gotten from npcs, that include some sort of power boost that will increase a stat by a certain amount. So, kind of like xenoverse, but I am pretty sure it’s possible to code!

    Anyways, the listed enhanced clothing and items should be…

    Golden Fruit (Makes you increase TP gain for a limited time)
    Fruit of Power (Multiplies your power by a custom number for a configurable amount of time)
    Kai Armor Set (Gives you a bit more health)
    Yardrat Set (Faster Ki Charge)

    So what do you think? Comment down below if you think this is a good idea or not.

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    seems legit

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    Nice post but i just wanted to tweak one of the names. Fruit of power should just be Tree Of Might Fruit

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    Agreed but how about also adding it to where you can make splash potions kinda like how baba is a witch. And what these can do is weaken people’s power and give the heart virus to a person for a limited time.

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