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    Son Link

    could you add Potara earrings into the DBC mod it would be used as a fusion item, it would last longer and be stronger depending on the colour, say green potaras would be stronger and longer but blue would be shorter and weaker or something like that, also more clothes, more hairstyles, and tien and krillin as mentors, more planets and more spaceships if you can, like freeza’s ship, well get back to me if you think you can go more in depth in these topics, i can be reached at @linksonofgoku on twitter and LinkSonofGoku on youtube

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    I kinda feel like the potara idea you suggested is bull, ’cause what if someone doesn’t like the green potara. You can make you own hairstyles. He plans on adding just about everything you asked for, but give it time. Frieza’s ship is in the game…. It’s on namek.

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    Sam Noé

    That’s were I realize nobody ever asks Yamcha as mentor.
    Poor little thing he got blown up for us…he deserves some honor…with his green skin,red eyes, his 20cm-long claws, his prodigious dialect made of grwyyyyy or grrraaaaaa…

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