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    Ok then, I’ll start.

    idea 1) – God ki. Basically, there would be a god ki skill you would have to learn on the skill tree (another feature that would be added, TheStarHawk you are a legend), and it would add a new bar underneath your ki bar. it would be a kinda pearl color, and once you had unlocked god ki, meditation would be able to go to lv 15. if it was set to active, then past lv 10 would make it so you could regen god ki using meditation, and if it was set to passive, what are you doing with your life? God forms across all races would drain god ki instead of normal ki, and if you had god ki than people without god ki couldn’t use ki sense on you. With god ki would come the first transformation in the god tier. divine Base. it would be a very strong transformation, about ssj3 level, but it drains god ki quite quickly to emulate low godly control. as you level up god ki, the divine Base would use less and less god ki, until at god ki lv 10, you can learn god form. the divine base would have the same aura color as the one you chose on character creation, but it would look different. godform would have the flaming aura, but with a small layer of your original aura color in there. Godform would be the same strength for all races at lv 1, but at lv2 saiyans are slightly stronger because blue.

    Idea 2) – Afterimage : press shift to vanish when you have this skill enabled. it drains a bit of stamina on each use so it cant be spammed. when vanished, you move the same speed as turbo mode, unless you’re in turbo which would mean you went 1.1x faster than turbo. where you vanished would be a clone, which would be transparent at lv1 and totally solid at lv10. vanishing breaks lock on. at lv1, the vanish would last for a set amount of time or until you released shift, at lv1 is 1 second, adding 0.5 seconds each level. people with the same afterimage level can see faint outlines of each other when they vanish, and can hit each other (but not hit them out of afterimage). if you are one level higher than your opponent, you can hit them out of afterimage with punches. if you are two levels higher, you can hit them with ki blasts. if you are three or more levels higher, you can see a transparent version of your opponent and can lock on. afterimage clones stay until you hit them
    Here’s a list of what each level would additionally do:
    1 – lets you make 1 clone and vanishes for 1 sec
    2 – vanishes you for 1.5 sec and lets you punch lv 1
    3 – lets you make 2 afterimage clones and vanishes you for 2 sec, also lets you hit ki blasts on lv 1
    4 – vanishes you for 2.5 sec and lets you lock onto lv 1
    5 – lets you make 3 clones and vanishes you for 3 sec
    6 – vanishes you for 3.5 sec
    7 – vanishes you for 4 and lets you make 4 clones
    8 – vanishes you for 4.5
    9 – vanishes you for 5 and lets you make 5 clones
    10 – vanishes you for 5.5 and lets your clones randomly move around

    idea 3) beam struggles. if two of the same ki blast type collide, both players would have to hit a series of buttons and whoever finishes it first wins the clash. as for other ki blast types colliding, well spirals and disks cut through waves, but are eaten by blasts and large blasts. Waves push back blasts but are destroyed by large blasts, and lasers ‘pop’ large blasts but everything else beats lasers. if you time a punch correctly and your strength is higher than your opponent’s willpower, you can smack a blast or laser back at your opponent.

    put your fresh and sexy ideas in the comments, guys!

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    thats probably the best post ive read and i fully support

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    Sounds great, and could be greater with some reforms.

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    Skill limitations/developments(sorts based on TheStarHawk’s suggestion, who by the way, is a genius)
    So I was thinking one day, and I thought, “What if rather than everyone progressing in the same way with a skill could progress in it in different ways, like with Ki Blasts?”
    This sparked my idea, which is-
    For every applicable skill, you have a pathway choice for the skill.
    For example, Meditation up to level 3 functions the same as now. At level 4, you have a choice, whether to go down the conservation route, or down the efficiency route.
    Down the conservation route, your stamina cost/Ki regenerated would slightly decrease till level 7, at which point another pathway opened, giving you the choice- More Ki for same stamina, or less stamina for same Ki. At level 10, you get a mastery point, which you spend on either Ki or stamina, this mastery point having the same value as upgrading the skill 7 levels down a pathway.
    Down the efficiency route, your Ki regens faster, at the cost of some more stamina. At level 7, you have a choice- More Ki/tick or faster ticks. At level 10, again a mastery point is available.

    As another example, let’s take Kaioken!
    At level 4, you get the choice of unlocking further levels of Kaioken past times 20(mastery route) or reducing the HP drain of these ones you currently have(power route). At level 7, you can choose whether to further reduce the HP drain of these forms, or get more time in StrainIn and less strain. At level 10, the mastery point can either increase StrainIn by a minute(from what it was at level 1; more would be OP tbh XD) and reduce strained by a minute, whereas the HP drain would be 70% of what it once was.
    Down the power route, you unlock x50 at level 5, x100 at level 6, and gain the ability to use them better at 7, where you have the choice of either sustaining lower forms better, or increasing damage output slightly at the cost of StrainIn time.

    Of course, each route would have its own drawbacks and wouldn’t make a HUGE difference until you hit level 7. Small small changes can compile to form quite a large advantage. It would be hard to implement, but interesting to combine and experiment with, giving it more of the feel of DBZ and Super where people were always improvising to see how much better they could become.

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    By stamina cost/Ki regenerated would be decreased I meant less stamina for the same amount of Ki.

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    Best ideas that I ever Heard!
    I totally suport! 👍

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    I have one

      1.Story mode should give you a variety of choices(RPG) that can then branch the story, and every choice makes another available which unlocks more choices.
      2.Family C should be more functional, you should not need other players to spawn a barely functional kid!

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