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      Maverick Bursey

      ultra instint hmm a form thaat has at least a x10 multiplyer (configureable) has base hair or no hair like god and same color but an aura? idk. ssblue king kai fist got beaten by a porta fusion calflan but ultra insting was doing unbeleave able to effortlessly doge all kalefla’s attacks but blue i blealeve would of not so at least dubble ssblue kaio x20 atk a godly form witch prob cost at least dubble blue and god idk about kaio but it looks like a form that can handle kaio very well
      how to aquire? eather add it to a exsiting npc or make a new one like whis or something
      porta earings a times 10x mulitplyer (configureable) the same race fusion is kinda a 2x i think and the porta is 10x i beleave in the anime it is meny times stronger than same race and i beleave it could also work with another races like if acrocian and sayian fuse like an acro tail might be on the fusion insted of a sayian tail or a fusion of tails idk and parts can be configurable to witch parts show? to undo the fusion you would need a dragon wish or something else like a npc or a button in gui to unfuse or take control i beleave there shuld be an option to take control how to aquire i say aquire it from king kai because hes a kai and uou get 1 item or 2 idk witch you give to someone at least 3-5 blocks close and the earing will only work with the other one not another set of earings.

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      I honestly can’t tell if you are being 100% serious or making fun of people

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      ultra insinct** should have an auto dodge system :/
      and should be stackable like kaioken

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      Meh this post is alright since it’s just stating an idea, and not saying “Jin you should add UI and Pottara!”

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