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    It’s just an idea of course and (I`m not a programmer) but doesn’t seem to exceed Jin’s Limitations, adding perhaps Villages and Great Apes might live up Planet Vegeta.

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    I agree, almost every mob in DBC is the same: Attack with one ki blast and charge at you. Thats it, maybe there should be mini bosses for example if you kill a great many Saiyans then they will decide to transform into the great ape, or on Namek if you kill a great many Namekians then they will fuse and charge you with all they have. I think these features would show that the Namekians are listening and can acknowledge what you’re doing to them. Also planet Vegeta spawns many saiyans but where do they live? also in DBZ they had great citys so perhaps maybe 3 large citys for every minecraft world for someone to enjoy.

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