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      Can we get a config to make the saiyans on Vegeta stronger, turn their ki attacks on or off ( including the invisible energy wave…super annoying because it’s every half second….make that one for all dbc related enemies. ), and same with the ogres in hell or just give a config for all dbc enemies a percentage based chance they’ll shoot/use ki attacks at you.

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      I believe thats already added. If it is go into your Saves folder in minecraft, click the world folder, click data, finally click missions. That should allow you to edit all the dbc saga mobs if im correct. Idk about saiyans and the hell mobs.

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      This might be old dbc im thinking about but i think if you change the difficulty of the world mobs cant shoot ki attacks. I havent had dbc on any difficulty except hard since 1.7.10 so idk if its still added.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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