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    Planet Vegeta should always multiply your weight by 10, since the planet is supposed to have at least 10x earth’s gravity.

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    Sam Noé

    Well that goes to the list of little tweaks that will probably never be done/ done when Jin doesn’t want to do big stuff.

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    yeah, dont expect it to happen anytime soon. just putting it out there cuz i haven’t seen any posts about this.

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    Son Netsui Surudan

    Are true,be cool if this can be done

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    it would be more lore accurate and make going there kinda easier for training than aging in the time chamber or dying and going to king kai’s, or just have a free alternative to the gravity machine before you gather the resources to make it

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    could also add natural spawning entities like, well honestly the only thing i can imagine populating planet vegeta would be saiyans, saibamen, and maybe basic (alien) livestock for meat,furs, etc.

    Edit: though given the gravity and barrenness of planet vegeta it would probably support smaller lifeforms similar to lizards or insects.

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