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    Similar to how you can overcharge Ki Attacks, this will let you overcharge your Ki percentage. Doing so will of course make you stronger but it will inflict the Strain status on you afterwards. Think of it as a poor man’s Kaio Ken, though the Strain won’t be as bad as Kaio Ken depending on the situation.

    The Strain of overcharge will depend on your Unlock Potential Skill because as soon as you start the game, you can overcharge to 200%. The Strain from this would be extremely dangerous because there will be a Breaking Point, where the Strain becomes so great that it kills you. Even going beyond 50% will inflict Strain. Unlock Potential will allow you access higher percentages without worrying about Strain but this will stop at 100%.

    The Breaking Point for someone just starting the game would be 100% but it would become 200% with your Unlock Potential maxed out. You don’t drop dead after passing the Breaking Point, the Strain kills you once it reaches 1 hour. At the Breaking Point, those minutes will increase by the second. You’ll only have 60 seconds to fight at that level of strength before needing to power down.

    This is a response to the Mystic form devblog.

    So how this would work in relation to Mystic is that the Mystic form would remove the Strain all together, allowing you unlimited access to your full potential strength. This could be a bit to powerful but I also had the idea that you could overcharge in the Mystic form, with Strain of course, allowing you to reach 300%. So that overtime, you can be as strong as SSB.

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    Sam Noé

    Which would be stackable with transfos and kaioken, allowing you to go to senseless power levels without proper training. I mean a multiplier of 3 that would cost nothing, not even a bit of ki , which means you can maintain this power whithout any cost ? It’s not like Potential Unlock is hard to get, and Mystic won’t be hard to get either on most servers.

    And the way this technique works is kinda the same as Kaioken : use the power that sleep deep within yourself and let it explodes, but such an energy is way over your body limits, inflicting suh a strain that at a point you die from it. Personally I don’t see the interest of having 2 techniques that in the end are the same.

    Well I sound like a party pooper but I certainly don’t get it, so feel free to correct me.

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    Well to be fair, it would be the servers fault for making it easy to get. I don’t believe that would be my fault.

    Also that power wouldn’t be for nothing, the Strain would kill you from abusing it. And it’s supposed to be like Kaio Ken to introduce Strain early on.

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    Say My Name

    I like the idea, but I think it could only make you 1.15x stronger than your base, so you aren’t, like, going super saiyan like a retard, and I think the breaking point should work differently to arcosians because of the PP

    -Like, Arcosians instead should use the PP to maintain the breaking point withou any strain when using

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    Sam Noé

    Oh don’t worry I don’t blame you, but most servers I know doesnt have the kind of harsh rewarding training I like to do.

    Maybe making it like a short extreme power boost ? But you lose a lot of life during those 3 secs.

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    I like this idea, but there are a few way it can be improved.

    you could start to go up to 10% over your current limit, someone without potential unlock could go to 60% and they would start getting the strain effect. And obviously staying in this state for too long will start to kill you. You could also go above 10% at the cost of losing health, it would start out slow but the higher percentage of power you use and the longer you use it the more health it would drain. This drain could be exponential rather than linear, so people couldn’t eat tons of food to sustain it. I’d say a reasonable limit before you start losing health too fast for it to be useful is 50% overcharge, and you could use overcharge for 2-ish minutes before you would need to power down due to the strain, maybe less time.

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    In a technic modpack called Dragon Block C Final Stand in the server when you get super saiyan god you can go to 125%.

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