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      I’m happy with the current charging system in DBC, but one thing feels wrong about it. You can just charge to 100%. I know that might sound a little bit weird, but I will explain!
      What I mean by overcharging is that you can go beyond your normal 100% Barrier. For Example let’s take Goku or Vegeta: If they are angry they can easily go beyond 100% with anger. When Beerus slapped Bulma in the face Vegetas Super Saiyan two was way beyond that of Goku. For this to work we would need an
      The more time you spend with a person, which means Sparring or Fighting the more emotionally binded you become with this person, even if its a bad one. If this person dies, gets knocked out, or even just punched, the more emotionally binded you are with this person, the angrier are you, and you get a boost proportional to the anger.

      So the angrier you are the stronger you are. You can even go beyond your limits (100%) with it! But there comes a risk with using that overcharging:
      Lets say your best friend was punched and you are mad about the person who did this. Your adrenaline rises and you muscles go beyond their normal state. But if you are too long on adrenaline you muscles will start to hurt and you can even suffer a heart attack.
      It should be the same with Overcharging. If you go 300% for example, the form becomes very unstable and you are at a risk of losing all of your life, going 0% and passing out or might even dying if you are at 800% or something. It becomes even more unstable the higher your form is. If you are SSB Kaiokenx10 or something like that, and you are overcharging, you certainly have a problem with Ki Control and your Health. Who all that haven’t watched episode 131 or 130 yet, spoiler alarm:
      When Goku was about to finish Jiren he suddenly lost all his power and nearly died. This should be the same in Minecraft. If the UI has been added it should be way more unstable then all other forms.

      Hope you liked my Suggestion,
      LG Flinn

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      Son Netsui Surudan

      up!And this can be added for Naruto C too(sharingan/mangekyou sharingan)!

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      ye i can see this working but we would probably need some changes around the normal ki and health system i would think. as ssj3 rn all you have to do is to put the ki drain on 100 and it would be unstable forever you cant really train it not to be if you would be maxed all stats it would drain a big amount still so you cant really master the forms in game only in the configs and how fun is that. btw did i just lose track of the whole point of this post ?

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        I think you could add a attribute called Ki Control or do it with willpower or mind. The higher the attribute the more stable all the forms are.

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