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      For the different posts of Jin and the suggestions of the users, I see that they are leaving aside a very interesting form of Super Saiyan and would give much more strategy to the pvp.

      The Super Saiyan Blue Perfected.
      Now, I know that it bothers many to add a Form superior to the Super Saiyan Blue in power, but this will not be so, the Super Saiyan Blue Perfected will have the same multiplier as the normal Super Saiyan Blue.

      So what differences would it have?
      The Super Saiyan Blue Perfected would have two key differences. He would have a much smaller ki drain to the normal Super Saiyan Blue, but in return the player would receive damage, just like the Kaioken.

      In the manga Goku takes damage for using this form in the fight against Fused Zamasu.

      Another difference, but only at the cosmetic level is that it would not have aura since in the manga Goku contains the aura inside his body to be able to reach this form. So it would not show aura even when Power Release or when using Turbo Mode.
      Obviously it would have its equivalent in pink for the Super Saiyan Rosé

      Thanks for reading, and sorry for my bad English.

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      good idea but i think jin should add away that when ur in a form if u use it alot you loose power so fullpower super saiyan you dont but on super saiyan 3 its hard to maintain full power like when goku fought buu and vegeta gave him the minute to power up but he just couldnt because he was out of ki and had lost power in the fight. so mastered super saiyan blue should make it so you continuously stay at full power and will never go below 100% power

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      Actually, Goku didn’t take damage from using it. Rather, he lost focus for a moment and there was a burst of ki in his body. Either that, or Fused Zamasu is so durable that hitting him hurt Goku too. Also, Perfected Super Saiyan Blue is supposed to be waaaaaaaay stronger than normal Blue. And It’s also supposed to last indefinitely as long as you stay focused.

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      i Think his duration should be defined by an status like kaioken and the status duration should be based on mind (3 minutes if your mind stat its same as str dex wil and con).

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