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    Well then, lemme explain what races should jin add or what should the races (that we have now) have.

    Namekian, what should it have – Namekian race should have a Giant Transformation, that decreases dexterity, and increases constitution. Why dexterity? Because if the enemy is very big, then even if he is blocking, people can punch him from everywhere right? The other is, it should have the Namekian fusion. Well, when there are 2 players who are namekians, one could hold the C(Releasing) button to charge on someone and then they fuse. But what would happen after that, because the Namekian fusion stays forever. Well, the one who help the other by fusing with him, would need to create a new character and he would have just 50% of his stats(It would be configurable in the config files) and the other Namekian would get + 50% power. So, example nail has 1k on all stats, piccolo has 1k on all stats. Nail fuses with Piccolo, Nail’s stats become 500 on all, and he has to start new character, and Piccolo would have 1.5k on all stats.

    Majin – How should Majins absorb others? Easy. Someone with Majin race, needs to kill someone 3-5 times to be able to absorb it, he should need to look at the guy he killed 3-5 times and hold x then he should have an option called Absorb <playername>. Then, he absorbs the the player, and the player can watch everything that the majin player does, but, he couldn’t move or train . How could he get out of it? Well it would have a timer that we could set in the config files (30 mins would be the normal). But if the Majin player dies, then he loses the players that he absorbed. What would be the multiplier of it? It depends on how strong the player is. If like Buu has 5k on all stats, and absorbs Gotenks that has 3k on all stats then Buu would have 8k on all stats. In the configs we should be able to change if it can go higher than 10k, or the maximum is 10k. The Majin player can absorb near everyone if he wants, so if the Majin player has 10k on all stats, and everyone has 5k on all, for example if it absorbs 10 players he would have 60k on all.

    Android – Becoming an Android would be hard. Once you open the character creation, you can’t become an android. What you need for that? You would need to talk with Cell, or Dr.Gero (if jin adds it) to teach you stuff. Once you learned everything you should be able to create Androids (You could ask a someone with this skill and if you and he accepts it then you become android.) or you would be able to make yourself an Android. Everytime you get an amount of TP (like 10million, it can be changed in configs) you could upgrade your max attributes. So if you upgrade it a lot of times your stats could be even 100.000 (thats the max, or you could change in configs xD).

    And now for the last.
    God of Destruction – Eh. That’s too strong right? Obviously you won’t get from character creation XD. You need to be maxed, talk with Zeno (NPC), you would need to have a boss fight against Beerus or someone, if you win you would need to have a boss fight once again against a stronger enemy, then the 3rd boss fight would be the Last. Once you are done with these you would become a god of destruction . What would this give? It would give you a lot of stats! A LOOOOOOOOTT.. Example cookielover2424 would have 10k on all stats. And he would make the boss fights. His stats would be 100k+ (can be changed in configs :p)

    So that’s my idea. Sorry for my english :’)

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    Good idea!

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    i think….

    …epic idea!!! 😀
    but add kaioshin too

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    Well kaioshin would be same as god of destruction just bosses would be kaioshins and less power xD

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    Imagine a janemba race, and start off as a fat blob. Then after that certain time you turn into super janemba

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      Ooh, I like the idea of a Janemba race! But I think making Super Janemba an at will transformation like Super Saiyan would work out better for game balance.

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      Not if you add bio-androids, then there would be two types that have to earn their transformation. Janemba was stronger then ssj3! So so balance can be an issue if not set right. I have another idea where if you died as super janemba you revert back to the blob (ofc you should be able to toggle it). So it gives a feeling that you can revert back, plus super janemba could be op

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      Good point. I guess I’d need to see it in action before worrying about it. but that’s a long ways off, if ever.

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    Android 21

    Did someone say. . .

    Players becoming Androids (remake)

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      Move a long Android 21, this cell territory xD

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    Jesse, why is your comment covered up?

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      It’s a cover up!!!!
      I thought it was just me, but I think its some glitch xD

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      What the… first time ever seen this glitch since ive been here WOW

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