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    Right, I’m gonna take my time with this so it’s perfect

    Skill separation:
    basically, skills would be separated into two categories (passive and active). In passive, things like ki fist would be there. In active, you would have things like transformations, kisense, fly, etc. passive skills would be able to be disabled whenever, so if you don’t want ki fist to drain you every time you punch, you can disable it.

    New skills:


    – if you pressed shift, it would turn you invisible, and where you disappeared would be an afterimage, which would be transparent at lv1 but at lv10 it would look solid, and as you leveled up zanzoken, you would be able to have more afterimage copies, but each one you created would make all of them more transparent. This bit is important. if you had a higher level of zanzoken than your opponent, they wouldn’t be able to see you, but they would still be able to hit you. If you were two levels higher, you wouldn’t be able to be punch them, and if they were three levels higher, they wouldn’t be able to hit you with ki attacks. if you were the same level, zanzoken wouldn’t turn you invisible, it would only render you transparent. All zanzokens break lock on, and would make you move 1.05x faster than turbo mode at lv1, adding 0.05x each level, as well as turning you invisible for 1.5 sec at lv1, adding 0.5sec for each level. If you get hit in zanzoken, you take 1.5x damage and can’t attack for a second.

      Air Punch

    – You would be able to punch and have the air in front of you move, damaging opponents from afar. If you’ve seen DBS lately, you’ll know what I’m on about. at lv1, the distance would be 10 blocks, and scale by 5 each level up. It would also only do 10% of what your punch would be which would scale by 5% each level up. There would also be a fixed 5sec cooldown. To use an air punch, you would hit ctrl+left click, and would be interchangeable with this next combat skill.

      Ki blast

    – inb4 ‘but it’s already a skill’. Hear me out lads, it would be different. There would be a 1 second cooldown for ki blasts, and the damage on them would scale with willpower. The ki drain would be 1% of your ki, not max ki, so if you were at half ki it would only use 0.5% of your max ki. The colour would be based on your ki colour. if two ki blasts collided, if they had roughly equal damage, they would blow each other up, but if one was a certain amount higher than the other, it would go through the other one and lose damage.

    Skill Types
    there would be three types of combat skill. offense, defense and movement. stuff like zanzoken and instant transmission would be movement, things like air punches and ki blasts or hit’s invisible ki blasts would be ranged combat, while things like android 17’s barrier would be defense skills.

    Transformation revamp
    Everyone knows being ssj3 in a fight drains too much ki, so a new system should be added. If you press H, it puts your form down one level (ssj2 to ssj, etc.) and if you press shift+H, it puts you down to base form. Things where base form is normal, like arcosian transformations, if you pressed shift+X, it would descend one level (base to third etc.)

    Namekian transformations
    Demon form – The namek equivalent of ultimate form. It would drain ki quite heavily, but would drastically raise your stats and boost health regen slightly. you would sprout wings from your back and grow horns too.
    godform lv2 – would make it so that you lose no ki from using ki attacks, but would slowly lower a random stat permanently. Aesthetic changes include a halo, and a distorted aura.

    Human transformations
    Ultra Human – Would only activate at less than 50% health. Activating this would double all your stats for 5 mins (configurable), then half your stats for 20mins (configurable).
    godform lv2 – Would surround you with ki armour, which would make you drain ki instead of health whenever you took damage (including kaioken). For 5 seconds after your ki is totally drained from ki armour, any hit does triple damage.
    Kaioken levels 11-20 – Would allow you to go up to kaiokenx150, then 300, then 500, then 1000. Since humans are severely underpowed, all kaioken forms would be less intense on humans.

    New race – Majin
    The majin would be unique in the fact that it would basically always have human ki armour, and when it ran out, it would make you immortal until you were at 20% health, unless 300% of your health when your ki ran out had been dealt as damage 10 seconds after it had run out.
    Here are some race skills the majin race would have:
    regen – at 25% health or below, majins could fully regen their health and half any health regen for the next 5 minutes, and the skill would be unusable for the next 10 minutes.
    absorption – if an opponent was less than 20% of your health, you would absorb them and gain half of their power until somebody reduced you to low health.

    God Ki
    Once you unlock GodForm, there would be a God Ki meter below your ki meter, that would slowly fill up at half the rate of your regular ki. after your god ki was filled up, you could activate your God Form. In God form, any transformations would become divine variants, like how ssjb is a godly variant of ssj. ssj god would become saiyan god base form. In god form, you would drain god ki instead of normal ki for transformations.

    limb system
    your playermodel would be cut into left arm, right arm, left leg, right leg, torso, and head. Your health pool would be distributed among these parts. in the bottom right, where your health bar was, would be a ui for each body part and a number by each part. At full health, each part would be green. at 75% health, the part would be yellow. At 50% the part would be orange. At 25% health, the part would be red, and at 0 health, the limb would appear black. During character creation, you would pick what side of your body would be dominant. If you chose right, the right side of your body would do more damage than the left and vice versa. To select which part of the body to attack with, press U to cycle between body parts. Hands would attack faster, but do less damage, while legs would be slow but hit hard. To stop people only attacking with the dominant side of their body, combat skills would have to be used with your non-dominant hand. If two people attacked with the same body part at the same time, they would enter a shock clash. A series of button prompts would display at the top of your screen, and they would be the same for each person. The camera would orbit around both players and there would be an animation of both players punching and kicking each other.Whoever hits all the buttons the fastest wins the shock clash and does 5x normal punch damage and knocks back their opponent with that winning punch.

    To cut off a limb, you would need to use a disk or sword to damage a limb on 0 health. unless the opponent was a namekian or a majin, limbs would be irreversibly damaged unless you wished for a new limb. If you were an android, you would have to go to bulma or dr. Gero for a repair.

    Just a side note, there would be equipment slots in your inventory for weapons, and these weapons would do damage that scaled with strength.

    I know lots of people want this, and jin is working on it, so here goes. To become an android, go to bulma or Dr Gero and ask to be androidified. You would need tech chips, katchin shards, and other new techy items to become an android. Once you were an android, you wouldn’t be able to gain tp by killing things. To get tp, you would have to go back to your scientist, Bulma or Gero if you were good or evil. You would give them certain items in exchange for tp. Androids wouldn’t be able to be sensed or be able to sense people, but they would have infinite energy, at the cost of slowly deteriorating and lowering stats. Every 30 mins or so, you would lose 1% of a random stat, and to get it back, you would need to repair yourself with your local Bulma. they would be able to access all the race skills of what they were before androidification, but in the form they would deteriorate faster.


    If two ki moves that weren’t lasers or disks that were roughly equal in power collided, the players who fired them enter a ki clash, where you add ki you your attack by pressing a random button on your keyboard that would change every few seconds. You would be able to see who was winning by their ki attack moving towards their opponent. If someone loses a ki clash, the opponent’s ki blast does 1.5x damage to them.

    Well then, I’ll continue this in another post.

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    Uh gonna tell you now, Tamborine and stuff were not namekians

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    Also kaioken x100 is already stretching the imagination, having more than that is just ridiculous. God ki thing seems kind of a cop out if you ask me after all the grinding for god form

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      But saiyans are broken. And god forms need nerfing. And kaioken is kaiocool.

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    no i really like what you said good ideas i like the god ki idea and the kaioken and i was a big fan however i had an idea about demon namekian maybe jin could add something so you actually make an egg like if you get married with the family c mod you can have a child and you put health and ki into it and how much you put depends on strength and like in anime war if you make 10 and then if you get them in a circle and then you hit g to transform like god form you go to demon namekian but it raises all your base form stats but it becomes your base form you can still acccess all the other forms but it comes at a price the children you have you have to put stats into and to become a demon namekian you would have to make them semi strong atleast to be able to come demon namekian. so it raises your stats but you loose alot of stats becoming it. and its a skill to make a child which you buy from piccolo and the higher the skill the less stats it takes to make them as powerful as you need so say its lvl 1 and you put 500 of all stats into the namekian egg if it was lvl 10 it would take lets say 400 of all stats to get them same strength

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    Mr. Perfect Cell

    I’m thinking things like instant transmission, psychic move, body change, etc could also be considered active skills.

    also. i think there could be a demon race. two versions. demon-namekian (like king piccolo and his race of mutant hybrids) and demon (like dabura, towa, fu, etc.)
    eh. might be a stretch. if people wanna make them unique, there ya go.
    also. majins and bio androids should definitely be there.
    also… i know people think androids are modified humans, but the androidification in this mod is technically making you a CYBORG.
    actual androids could be their own race. in that, they are full-on robots. they could come in two flavors:
    they can be endoskeletons
    and modified to look like the other races.
    what i mean is, they can be modified to look like any other race, but they are still androids.
    as an android, you must keep your ki charged by either absorbing energy from ki attacks, or visiting a Red ribbon/capsule corporation recharge station (as evil or good respectively) which can be built yourself.
    as long as you keep yourself charged, you get your own unique attacks. using ki to form explosive missiles, bullets, and even be able to launch your own arms at foes.
    you can be upgraded a number of ways by either dr gero or dr briefs (depending on alignment.)
    note that while the androids in disguise mode can look like any race, they all universally have the same abilities (so no, an android mimicing a saiyan cannot ascend.)

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      So is it like a cyborg looks like any race but is entirely different?

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    Henry bushard

    no not a cyborg jin is working on androidafaction which means turning into a android not a android race. ok i love your androidafaction idea and your god ki idea but 1 thing i would add to the androidafaction is that when you go to bulma/gero you can get speial skills from them for example i dont know the android fusion skill that 17 did in gt and i know that gt is non canon but ssj4 is in gt so this could work and other androidafaction skills like that like speed bosters making you faster and stronger armour making you more defensive and more things like that also if gero asks for items to give you tp it would give you like ho much tp like 500 1000? also if you csnt get tp from killing mobs what about quests on online servers would they still work to? also i think when you get androidafaction you should get a massive major power boost as 17 and 18 wherer just humans but whith anroidafaction they became more powerfuller than freezia.

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