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    I’ve always had a problem with the npc’s because it doesn’t make much sense. I think cell shouldn’t just sit there while you’re only doing the saiyan saga. Right now, it just feels like a weird timeline where everything is happening at the same time.

    So my way of fixing this would be spawning in the npcs after you finish certain arcs(Babidi appearing after you beat cell etc.) This would add more progression into the mod because you would unlock new skills while completing the story, and it would make a lot more sense imo. Spawning in the structures after you beat certain arcs would be better ofc, but i feel like it would be hard to do.

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    Sam Noé

    Since it’s supposed to be only a DBZ universe based story, story that you can entirely rewrite if you feel like doing so, it doesn’t have to follow the original story exactly. But I get your point, killing SP Cell in front of his Master counterpart is quite weird.
    So yeah Jin should consider adding a feature to completly block access to a Master until a certain objective is accomplished, tho I don’t see how to justify that in the lore. On a server that means the NPC would ignore a player but would speak to his friend without problem, it’s weird – normal for a RPG, but still…
    But that goes to the bottom of priority list for sure, with aesthetic tweaks.

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    yeah it would be pretty weird in multiplayer, but it kinda works, everyone is following a separate story anyway, unless you’re in a group. and i like the progression aspect of it, i think it would make the story more useful.

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