Not much of a bug but still a problem.

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      This isn’t really a bug but when a Namekian does their giant transformation or saiyans go Oozaru, they can’t reach any of the enemies on the floor. Even though you get a giant power boost, it goes to waste because you can’t reach the opponent. As it is now, it’s more effective to just land more hits in your base form.

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      The solution to this is to change attribute based size change to false in the config of jrmcore. It should look something like this:

      # Server Sided! If ‘true’ then the size of the players will change depending on the attributs as planned, If ‘false’ then the size of the players will remain the Minecraft default (2 block height and 1 block width)
      B:”Player Size Change”=true

      If this is set to false then your POV will change to be the regular minecraft height (so you can actually hit people in giant form). A nice change to this would be to just change this to a client sided option, for people who like the regular height and for the people who want the POV change.

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        I don’t think the client side thing will work though, since your hand starts from like 3-4 blocks high instead of the regular 2, meaning you will be able to target something with your crosshair but in reality the player model will instead be looking at something random, 2 blocks higher. Maybe giant forms should just have slightly increased reach

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