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      So I was thinking, what would make training better in the mod? Then I thought “Hmmm space pods like the one Goku went to Namek in would be awesome!”. Why do I bring this up? Well I built a design for what a spacepod like Goku used while traveling to Namek.
      Here are the images:

      These are images of the design I came up with. Not much but pretty nice for my skill XD
      So now onto the next part: What they do differently?
      As we know Goku’s ship let him train in 100X Earth’s gravity.
      These ships will come in three tiers
      T1 Gravity levels <Earth – 20X>
      Sample Recipe

      Next Tier
      T2 Gravity <Earth – 50X> <Faster Strength Gain>
      Sample Recipe for T2
      After that is last but not least!
      T3 <Earth – 100X> <4X Faster than T2>
      Sample Recipe for T3

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      I like the presentation. 😀
      But there are already plans for stuff like this.

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      Thanks for the compliment, and I’m glad to hear that their are plans for this sort of stuff! 😀

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