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    Agustín Laguna

    Hello, Jin, I would like to contribute something for some future dragon block c update on the races, why not the races? For a long time there is little variety of races and I would like them to add several races such as: Androids, Bio-androids, majin boo race, and I think they could be even more, like that of the Yadrats or the kaioshin , in short, only that I wanted to contribute, Thanks for reading!

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    while i know most of these race ideas have been introduced in older posts int he forums; i have to agree that we’ve gotten to the point where new races with new abilities; possibly passives unique to each race like how Saiyans/half saiyans are suppose to have a “Zenki boosts” whenever they die or survive a near death experience (surviving an injury that knocks individual down to 5% of their maxim health would be “near death”. if we need a way to determine that.)
    Namekians would have rapid health regen, ect ect.

    we can fight majin buu in the saga mode; but we cant BE a buu race character…seems like we should at least address the elephant in the room there.

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