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    Mr. Perfect Cell

    Yes, I am serious. for all the powerful warlords, saiyans, androids, and aliens there are in dragon ball, every game needs a joke race.

    the saibamen are typically used as cannon fodder for the saiyans and frieza army. imagine one day, a saibamen gained sentience and the ability to reproduce?

    a playable saibaman can level up and get stronger like any other race. they can use the forms and abilities universal to every other race. and yes, can even somehow attain godly ki.

    here is what sets them apart.

    they are small creatures who are, starting out, weaker than a saiyan or a frieza clansmen.
    however. they have their own ways of dealing with foes.
    their racial skill allows them to change between the different type of saibamen, gaining new traits and changing their colors.
    the copyman can shapeshift into any other race and is as strong as they would be if they were that race. they cannot use racial forms (so they can’t go super saiyan if copying a saiyans look and they always have their final form if copying a frieza clansman)

    the tennenman is a pink color and can summon saibamen to do its bidding. the saibamen summoned run up and hug the opponent, exploding and dealing damage.

    the jinkouman is stronger than the other two. their racial ability is to spit a powerful acid on opponents.

    finally, at max racial skill, a saibaman can attain the super saibaman ability.
    they look like their base form.
    but, they are much, much stronger.

    as for exploding…
    well, unlike most races who would have a suicide attack, the saibamen race have adapted to not die from their own explosions. they will still be hurt considerably, but they can do a number on foes.
    the super saibaman has completly mastered this art and is able to explode without taking any damage at all!

    the saibamen race are essentially the lethal joke character in the mod. they start laughably weak, but if you are patient enough, the people will fear a skilled saibamen player.

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    support lol

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    Yes, I have nothing to add but yes

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    Sam Noé

    I read the title and I was like “Dude what the f*ck ?”, but actually that’s a nice idea ! Would be funny to see a SSB lose against a little saibaman x)
    BTW the tennenman ability looks like a Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack, they could share their code ?

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      Mr. Perfect Cell

      the differing saibamen types are all pulled from the video games.
      and yah. thanks. I kind of wanted a race that could start off as pathetically weak but grow exponentially to rival other races if a player is skilled enough.

      should be noted early on the saibamen are meant to be played defensively. their attacks starting out are weak but inflict poison on their foes which stacks with each successive hit.

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