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      I had the idea of ​​a skill that will work as a kind of endurance, the skill (called ki control) allows you to extend the life of your transformations and super kaioken, this skill reduces ki drainage and HP drainage. This would not make sense before, but now with the existence of the super saiyan blue kaioken and the use of kaioken with transformations maybe we should try to take a step forward, in addition this would help people with super kaioken builds

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      Kind of necro-threading, sorry, but forms and super kaio builds are way too easy as they are at the moment (multiplayer wise most of the time, in singleplayer you do what you want).
      I think should be harder to maintain so that people actually have to learn to manage their power release and ki bar (being able to stay at 100% SSJ4 when you’ve got 5% of your ki left is ridiculous) and there should be a dedicated skill for super kaio builds, without which you cannot go super kaio, and even when you have it, you can’t use super kaio for extended periods.

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        yeah i see your point Sam
        what about this Idea: The Lower your Ki is, the lower your Release stat so if you have about half your ki your release is limited to lets say 75% insteat of 100%
        i also just as i was writing this came up with this idea: so we said that the lower your ki is the less power of your max you can use, how about if you have kaioken and use it with full health you loose nearly no hp BUT as your hp gets lower and lower you loose some release percentage (maybe we can remodel that potential release mechanic) and get more and more hp drain from the kaioken, even higher decrease in hp if you use a additional form like super saiyan, in super saiyan blue it would take a lot less than with normal ssj like in the show but only with that extra skill that you have the ability to control your ki and you could plainly call that skill “ki control” (yeah kinda simple xD) maybe that ki control skill can reduce the total amount of ki that is used up with all ki techniques you can use not just for transformations but also for ki attacks (consume less ki up to maybe 50% less?) and what would add a little difficulty would be that having both no ki but also no hp causes your stamina to deplete faster just to balance the dbc experience a litte and make it more interesting

        well i think i covered everything my mind had to offer but if there are some ideas you think should be overthought a little (excluding whining about how “it would become too hard and no fun waaaaaa” ok?) just tell me your thought pls ^^

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        Well I don’t have anything to add or change, this is a pretty neat idea.
        Actually I had made a post about that over a year ago, check it out, it’s a small post but it basically say exactly what you suggested.

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