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    Hi,i was thinking you should make a Avatar mod.

    ‘Cause,Avatar you can create only the primary powers(Fire,Water,Earth and Wind) for the moment and weapons and vehicles later…I mean,the primary powers,you can use the one you used for naruto c like the fire ball jutsu.

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    Sam Noé

    You should try Avatar Mod 2 : Out of the Iceberg in 1.12.2, it’s the best Avatar mod I know. It’s under active developpement with regular news.
    I think there’s also a ancient mod in 1.7.10 but imao it’s really badly done compared to Out of the Iceberg.
    Also, as I say to every people who ask for new mods, Jin simply does not have to develop more mods right now, look at how slowly DBC’s progressing, look at how neglected NC is.

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    “you used for naruto c like the fire ball jutsu.”->you’re using


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