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    Hello Jingames,

    I use your mods in my server and I would like to know if it is possible that you would create

    the mod Saint-seiya

    because i would open a saint seiya server maybe the Saint-seiya mod is doesn’t exist

    i think this is a good idea for you and me because a remake of this anime is planned soon

    actually i just would like the aura and states for this mod

    and if it is possible I would like you to communicate the price.

    You can answer me at the following address :

    cordially the Mitshicraft staff.

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    Sam Noé

    You must be pretty new around here if you think he’s ever going to make and take care of a new mod anytime soon. NC is at the verge of death, and let’s not talk about SAOC. So a new mod, y’know…

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    It’s simple to develop and I pay.

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    Sam Noé

    Simple, of course, but hey what do you think he’s going to priotize ?

    -THE backbone mod that is the reason why most people comes here, and by most I mean like 90% at least for sure, aka Dragon Block C ?
    -Or a nth sure-to-be-forgotten mod that will deserve a really small part of the community, which, as I already wrote, comes here mainly for DBC, aka an hypothetical Saint Seiya C ?
    And SAOC is simple af too and still it’s dead.

    About the pay, I can’t tell at all how much you can put into that, but I’d sincerely be surprised that’d make that much difference for him.
    But that’s not the main problem. Jin ain’t your employee, you can’t just come here, ask him a task and throw money at his face in exchange.
    I sincerely find this disrespectful, even tho he would have won something in the end, and you too.

    There’s still another solution : do it yourself, a mod, or even a plugin. You probably can find someone who can help you, or you could learn Java.
    But I’m pretty sure Jin ain’t making that happen. Just look up for the countless asks for other mods to be made, it’s never been done, so will it be for Saint Seiya.

    PS : I’ve googled Mitshicraft, and unless I’m wrong, it’s a French speaking server ?
    Suffisament rare pour être soulevé à mon humble avis. Je sursaute sur ma chaise quand je vois du français dans le chat, alors un serveur entier ?

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    Netflix has planned a remake of saint seiya, and so in a short time with a “Saint seiya C” the site will only exist for that because it will be the fashion

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    no, because of popular demand, jin will still focus on dragon block c.

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    and if it’s so easy, you could learn it yourself. i’m not being mean. i’m just saying you could make a really good mod and have the first saint seiya mod out there! you could even charge for it

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    Is easily to make for jingames i’m not a moddeur and i don’t have the time for this

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    well, neither does he. He is working on a lot right now as he said so i think seint seiya is out of the question only for now. in a year or so, i have no clue.

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