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      Hello Jingames community!

      Well i have an idea about using different auras in the game. I think that the default auras are so lame so… i made some custom auras and i want to share it with the community and i hope this becomes a good idea about updating the Auras in the game.

      The Auras that i made for example are these right here :
      Base Form :
      SSJ Form :
      God Form :
      SSJBlue Form :
      SSJRose Form :
      SSJBlue Kai O Ken Form :

      Alright so these Auras are an example of my idea. I think that Jin can make better Auras with some coding as well.

      If you guys want to try those auras in the game i will leave a download link of the edited mod
      MediaFire Link :
      If you downloaded the mod and tried it please leave an opinion down bellow and help me make this
      idea a new Update.

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      Nicely done! I was actually discussing this with a friend yesterday, how the mod should receive some graphical updates to things such as auras and ki to spice up the game itself.

      I personally like your choices in aura textures and the new shape is quite nice, however based on screenshots I can’t help but feel that SSB may be a bit too dark looking in some areas, honestly In general I feel you made the auras a tad too dark, considering that in the anime the auras tend to be brighter in shade.

      Overall a well done job and I am interested to see posts by you in the future.


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      Hello CryoTheMayo!

      Thanks for the rating and thanks for your reply.

      I tried many times to create the same auras like the anime but it is harder than i thought. I thought that downloading transparent Aura in png and edit it afterwards was easy, but it didn’t really looked good in the game. So after trying hours to create the aura that the anime is using is almost impossible. (Impossible for me but someone else might do better job than me.) So then i thought that i will not give up and i should start making an aura that looks not like the anime, but looks good in the game. I came up with the idea to create High Quality auras to look better in graphics. So that’s what i did.

      This is the best i can do so far with these auras and they are just an example to show the community that bigger things are possible to create in this Mod.

      Sorry if my English are bad :P.

      I am waiting a reply from you CryoTheMayo to tell me your opinion about this.

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        It is quite unfortunate to hear that Koz! In all fairness, I personally adore your choice in God form aura and wish it were the aura for Golden in the mod, I also great appreciate the choice in aura shape as I feel it is a smoother experience than the vanilla mod.

        Sadly, I myself lack experience in modding or editing, if I had more experience I would try my damnedest to help you with making the auras a lighter shade.

        I hope that Jin takes note of your post and extends his hand to making it a part of the mod, or at the very least Crimson notices it and tries to forward it to his attention.

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        I showed your post to a friend of mine and he says that you should lower the opacity of the textures you chose to make the aura lighter in shade due to the auras having too many overlapping textures, resulting in darker auras.

        Not sure if it helps but I sure hope so! Just to reiterate he says lowering the opacity of the aura textures should make them brighter.

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        Hello again Mayo! Well i hope that Jin or Crimson notice this post as well 😛

        Well i got to say that it is a little bit hard to make the auras in a great shape that fits the character. But it is really hard to get the great colors of the aura, like a friend of yours suggested to remake the auras to a little bit more brightened. I think i can try that out since i am using a black and white png for the auras and so that explains why the aura is a little bit dark.

        It is not that hard to edit the auras and i can explain it to you just in case if you want to check it by yourself and share it with your friend to create a conclusion. Nonetheless i will remake the auras and i will remove that dark thing that ruins a little bit the aura colors.

        First : The auras are PNG that inside that png there is a shape. For example i am using this shape as the Aura :
        So as you can see from that picture the flames that are displaying the aura are a little bit dark. I can make them completely white but the thing is that there will be no shades and it will look a little bit odd i guess.

        So lets go to the next part. If you right click the Mod and open it with WinRar you will see folders inside that winrar. You will go to assets > jinryuudragonbc And you will find these PNG : aura, aurag, aurai, aurai2, aurak. Alright now what u got to do is to go back to the general folder and copy the files and paste it on your desktop. Then you can open them by your desktop, go again to the Jinryuudragonbc folder and then you can clearly see the PNG with the auras in it. Now you can edit those auras with any tool you want. After editing the auras you save them and then you paste them to the WinRar this time which WinRar holds the main files of the mod to run. After you paste with the Same name PNG for example if you edit aura.png you must save it as aura.png or it wont work. And then you are ready to launch the mod.

        Alright so after explaining on how to edit auras… now you can do it by yourself or with your friend to try many auras! I will be really happy to see results from you guys! It would be really great to have some help from people!

        So now i will go back on editing those auras and i will let you know for new updates of the auras. I also hope that you will edit them as well just to get a general idea of how it works and how it runs!

        Also if you are wondering why if you rename an aura with an other nickname and then copy it to the winrar files, It wont work because on the code that i decompiled it is coded only with name aurag.png, aurai.png, aurai2.png aura.png aurak.png will be executed as the Auras of Aurag : SSJBLUE, Aurai : SSGOD and SSJROSE, aurai2 : Not important aura but edits a little bit shading i guess, Aura.png : Base form aura and other forms such as SSJ, Kai o Ken and other stuff. Aurak : Does the same thing as Aura and it is really important to edit it.

        Alright. I hope now u get the idea on how it works and as you said before you discussing with your friend on how to edit auras and stuff like that and now you learned on how to edit it!

        If you dont feel like you want to edit it, its not a problem! I just want to share this method to let people know on how easy and simple is to edit those auras. The only thing requires to edit an aura is Creativity.

        So i hope that you might going to edit it and i wait for your reply!
        See ya!

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        Alright so i finished the editing and i think i wont update it anymore since it is completed for me. I think the aura that i made now is perfect! 😀

        SSJBlue Kai o Ken :
        SSJBlue :
        SSJRose :
        SSJGod :

        SSJ form and Base form are the same like before.
        Also every other race has the same Aura in God Forms also in Base forms and other forms.

        Here is the link to download the completed version of the Auras :

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      It’s really nice! But you shouldn’t post it in “Suggestions and Ideas” but in “Contributions” 🙂 .It would be really great if it were to be implemented in the mod.

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      This seems pretty cool. Unfortnetly I cant use Media due to certain things at home. Is it possible a dropbox link or something similar could be provided?

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      Hello FlamesWrath! Well i can upload it on Mega uploads if you want.

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      Mega Uploads link :!GxEFwQgA!3u4weyGvAcjCp-Npzdv7xD_BkD9V2L_mwjPIOUGjptA
      When you try it please let me know your opinion FlamesWrath.

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      Thank you. This texture mod is really cool!
      I’ll link my friends to this.

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      Saving this for later… can you post the screenshots on imgur or something like that? It doesn’t work for me :/

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      vaya, cambio drastico en las auras a lo que era anterior, parecen más cartoon, peron no como la serie, me gusta

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