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      I’ve been working on a personal/private modpack which I’ve been playing with my friend and have run into a few issues not all related totally to dbc.

      1. Is there a way to make cnpc dialogues automatically generate in other world saves? I have a kale soulstone saved to a hardcore questing mod quest after defeating broly and she is supposed to unlock legendary with /jrmcse set legendary 1, but the only way cnpc lets you execute these commands seems to be with world save exclusive stuff. I don’t wanna make copying stuff from a folder within a save manually a mandatory thing. If cnpc can’t anyone know of a mod that can? There are other commands I wanna run in some way as well while doing various hqm quests such as setting all stats to minimum for gt and perma status effects. And of course tp gain.

      2. In my GT line of quests I basically used the tardis mod so you fly around to various planets (dimensions) with a spaceship. This has been working beautifully with only two problems. The first is some dimensions have mysteriously invisible mobs and so I had to scrap them, but I think that has to do with orespawn somehow so I can live without those dimensions. The second, my question, is there any mod out there to prevent the entire friggen ship from going boom when an explosive ki blast is fired? I don’t wanna set explosions to be nonexistent, I just wanna know if there’s a mod out there to suppress this. I tried tnt utils and spent a lot of time figuring out how to get block ids in name form, but that didn’t even work at all.

      3. Is there a way to set tp cost for ki attacks? Kamehameha is so pricey with the way I have things set up…

      4. Anyone know of a mod to tweak mob hp and attack? I tried the mob properties one but the coding of each mob was so confusing and I couldn’t find any tutorial floating around out there for the 1.7.10 version. I wanna make enemies in those “planets” stand a chance otherwise there isnt much of a challenge. Perhpaps it’s a little TOO accurate to early GT in this regard.

      5. Is there a mod for setting the power of like, let’s say for instance, the Z-Sword? The power multipliers I have make it far too underwhelming super saiyan and up.

      6. Perhaps this a compromise for 4, but if there is any way to make custom npcs mob spawn naturally around every world save that would be nice.

      I don’t really expect an answer for all of these questions but I would deeply appreciate it if someone could help me solve at least one of them. Thank you very much! 🙂

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      I’m not entirely sure with 5… How much damage do you want it to have? And yes with the natural spawning thing, I have things set up to spawn naturally just go to global and go to something about natural spawning or something (don’t have my PC open so can’t say the exact name) and start doing stuff with that, I have sea serpents that spawn in water based biomes(ocean, deep ocean places like that) and it works fairly well, but that stuff IS W.I.P. so deal with the links.

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