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      There are a lot of resource packs for Dragon Block C, but what about Naruto C ?, is my new project, is not yet finished but I will publish here my first advances, I hope your support, (When you activate a dojutsu texture if it changes), so you can activate your sharingan and it will look like in the screenshots.
      I will post my progress in the Resource Pack from time to time.

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      :v Byakugan is very good

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      Ewerton Felix


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      Dam B this looks sexy.

      Not gonna lie, i don’t like naruto C. But uh, gotta give credit where credit is due. Support!

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      Hi guys !, I have not been able to progress as I would like because I have not had enough time during this week, but I will show you what I have managed to do in this time, I have completed personalization of faces for men players, I will work in the female characters, and when I finished with it, I will do the outfits to finally release the first version.
      Thanks for the support.

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      Boi, this shit looking nice man. Keep up the good work bruh.

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      Hello everyone! Sorry for not posting in a long time, is that the school and my other projects consumed me a lot of time, but here I am.
      I inform you that I have completely finished the customization of the female character, each type of eye has its respective Sharingan and Byakugan, I have also created a customized texture for the hair and I have started the creation of the outfits, so far I created the Naruto, the uniform of Konoha and the uniform of Akatsuki, when I finish the outfits I will put the resource pack in download, enjoy the screenshots while waiting nwn

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      Igor Santos

      Where are the download

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      Gabriel José

      where is the download???

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