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    I have hoped for a long time that I could bring back a Naruto C server and after a while I have finally been able to do it. It is a new server currently in beta. The server itself will start Tuesday if nothing goes wrong. The current known mods that will be in it are Custom Npcs, Armors Workshop, Family C, Years C, and Naruto C. Now would be the time to suggest some for a vote. Note if I am able to make a Naruto C Addon mod in time. I will replace that with Custom Npcs and add the furniture mod as well for decorations.

    The server will only have four staff. Which includes me, my co owner, and two builders to do important stuff. All other things are left mostly to the players. We make the rules. Players make the laws. We make the server. The players build the server. We will start off with making spawn then the hidden leaf village. The first recorded player to join gets the option to be Hokage to found the leaf village. After which the staff will build their head on top of a mountain. Now this server won’t have warps to the hidden leaf. Instead it will be up to players to find it if they are outside of the village. Ninja Wars are allowed to happen of course. Just be careful not to destroy the server from it…….

    After we get bigger the staff will also find places to start off the other villages. Such as Blood Mist Village, Hidden Stone, Hidden Cloud, and Hidden Sand. Smaller villages can be founded by players as they see fit. But whether they become official are not depends on the Five Great Nations.

    Now obviously Naruto C currently is just limited to Uchiha, Clanless, and Hyuga. But we found a way to get around parts of that. If you chose clanless you are allowed to become a founder of your own “clan” and I will create special ninjutsu, taijutsu, or perhaps even genjutsu for you and your clan. Villages will also get special jutsu. Hidden Leaf for example will get Flying Rajin.

    If you are interested about the server join the discord Don’t have discord? Join our group If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

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    Ok so it looks like for the time being we will need to use custom npcs. I couldn’t make the addon mod in time due to a lack of resources.

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    sorry for the delay everyone. For those who haven’t seen the discord stuff the original guy who was going to host it stopped responding after the deadline. So now we are back to being hosted by Jin who we are waiting on being we are changing hosting sites. It shouldn’t be too much longer but a heads up we will be in need of donations when we first start.

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    We are still waiting on the server to start. Join the discord though as we are working on world building. We are already establishing villages and are going to do giveaways for the leaders.

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    Naruto C:The Last ( will have an event Saturday for the capture of a Tailed Beast. Also here is another intro to help start off. Do note for most clans you need to have clanless selected to be in them and wait for me to get on for the time being to gain the kekkai genkai/hidden ninjutsu of the clan. Or in cases like the InoShikaCho you can have either Uchiha, Hyuga, or clanless selected and just need to be married to one of the InoShikaCho clan (or sneak into their sacred base and steal the knowledge of the jutsu)

    Naruto C: The Last is a roleplay server. Using inspirations from DBC’s Jingames Chaos server it is a player run roleplay. Hardly any staff in other words. Players run villages, players wage war, players build, players destroy, players rule.

    In it we have custom clans and custom jutsu for our lovely players. Otsusuki, Senju, Uchiha, Hyuga, Uzumaki, Namikaze, Sarutobi, InoShikaCho, and many others.

    To be a village one must have a nation under the rule of as Futile Lord as well as a Village Leader and a decent amount of followers. As well as a village. Currently there is Konoha, Hidden Lava, and Hidden Lunar. With others being built.

    In terms of training we do not use npcs. Instead we have it set so one trains using the servers own roleplay storyline. They gain decent amount of tp by punching other mobs, players, shadow clones, or shadow dummies. However their mind plays a factor in the tp gain.

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