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      You might’ve seen us around the forum, but starting now, we’re prepared to kick things off on a more serious level.
      So without any further delay, let me officially introduce you to our Naruto C RP server.

      Our story begins after the end of Naruto, branching off from before Boruto’s story could happen.

      A hundred and fifty years had passed, when a group of rogue Ninja began an attack that threw the Five Great Shinobi Villages into war with one another, creating an endless cycle of pain, hate, and revenge.

      No one really knows why except for them, but this endless battle has continued for eight hundred and fifty years, growing and consuming the lives of millions…

      In the Hidden Leaf Village, the current Hokage is a man consumed with anger at the Sand for the death of his brother, and has been leading the Village on a war path ever since.

      With the Tailed Beasts roaming free and being fought over, with the Great Ninja Clans of the Hidden Leaf growing in size and strength, with the Human race itself threatened with extinction by it’s own hands, and with the Will of Fire reduced to cinders, your character steps in…

      Thanks to a massive world backed by a recreation of famous Naruto areas, you can be assured that you’ll experience the RP with a suitable background of Shops, Missions, Training, and a growing world mended towards the RP.

      Our RP uses a system of balances to assure that players don’t become too crazy with the powerups that they can get, our three tiered Boon System helps to allow characters the opportunity to fairly decide what sort of amazing abilities they can earn through the RP.

      Tier 1 Boons, which you can have three of, compose of a Clan’s starting abilities like the Sharingan and Byakugan, uncommon support Jutsu such as Summoning and Medical Jutsu, and even extra Skills like the Eight Gates or extra Chakra Natures beyond what they start with.

      Tier 2 Boons, which you can have two of, are made up of advanced Clan techniques like the Mangekyou Sharingan, Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan, transplanted eyes, Jinchuuriki status, Kekkei Genkai, and combined Chakra Natures such as Wood, Lava, and Ice.

      Tier 3 Boons, which you can have one of, represent ultimate abilities that drastically power up your character, such as the Rinnegan, Tenseigan, Sage Mode, Tailed Beast Mode, and a Kekkei Toka.

      Rest assured that while some things are better left to chance, our Staff are more than willing to help you create a storyline that can help you get an ability you want, if your reasoning is good enough and it hasn’t been taken by too many other players.

      If all of this sounds like it sounds good to you and you’d like to join us, please copy and paste the form below, fill it out and post, then wait for one of our Staff to contact you.

      Name (Your Character’s name, try to aim for something that fits into Naruto):

      Alignment (How your character’s actions can be summed up as):

      Age (How many years they’ve lived):

      Shinobi Level (Genin, Chunin, Jonin, the higher the rank, the better your app has to be):

      Clan (What Clan do they belong to, and what bonuses they receive, you can pick any Clan if your backstory is good enough):

      Skills/Techniques (Chakra Nature, basic abilities, and special attacks go here):

      Battle Style (Do you fight with Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, or Genjutsu)

      Personality: (Based on your Alignment, how will your character act during the RP)

      Backstory (Two paragraphs are the minimum, describe who your character is and their background leading up to where they are today):

      Discord # (Your unique account number, so our Staff can invite you to the server directly through messages):

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      Name: Zanitos

      Alignment: True Neutral (Leaning towards Good)

      Age: 17

      Shinobi Level: Chunin

      Clan: Clan-less (Has a last name of Ransuki, but does not belong to any clan)

      Chakra Nature: Lightning
      Basic Abilities:
      • Basic Taijutsu
      • Mid-Level Lightning Ninjutsu
      • Low to Mid-level Standard Ninjutsu

      Special Abilities:
      • Lightning Style: Static Blink – Basic Lightning Displacement Jutsu (short distance blink ability)

      Battle Style: He mainly wields Ninjutsu with a small amount of Taijutsu, however, he is hopeless at Genjutsu.

      Personality: Zanitos has a laid back and easy going attitude to work. He follows instructions to the basic standard and refrains from doing extra work unless it benefits him directly. Even though with most missions he may slack off, when the opportunity to fight an opponent arises, he can’t help but get excited for the battle. He seeks these opportunities as a way of learning and growing stronger.

      Zanitos Ransuki led the same life as most children in the hidden leaf, fun and carefree. He always liked to challenge the other children in any way he could, whether it was a game of hide and seek or who could complete their chores first. With these challenges, it was an even outcome of wins and losses, however, the one thing Zanitos prided himself on was his speed. Whenever he challenged anyone to a race, he would win everytime. The other kids stopped accepting his race challenges after a while and Zanitos was left bored.

      He one day challenged a Genin of the village in a race, hoping he had found someone who would take him up on his challenge. The Genin accepted, and their race began. Zanitos soon found out that he was outclassed when faced with a Ninja and lost the race quickly. He was impressed with the skill and speed of the Genin and wanted to become a Ninja one day so that he could one day achieve this strength.

      Years pass and Zanitos enrols at the academy and is eager to begin his training to become a Ninja. However, he soon finds out that being a Ninja is not it’s all made out to be. The studying, the strategizing and the possibility of mundane missions that could involve no battle all bored Zanitos. This led to his written exam marks being under average. The only reason he passed the academy’s final tests and became a ninja was due to him excelling in Ninjutsu which averaged out his overall marks to a passing level.

      The Genin missions were more than boring to Zanitos, which left his team members with most of the work 90% of the time. He wanted something more action based in his life, something that would help lead him to the strength that he had idolised of most of the Ninjas around him. Since Genins were limited to low level missions most of the time, Zanitos thought it best to advance to a higher level in order for him to gain the experience that he seek.

      He trained for the upcoming Chunin exams every day so that he would be in peak condition for them. He tried to emphasise on speed based strategies and attacks since it was what he prided himself on. However, he seemed to have hit a plateau with his skills. He asked his sensei about fast ninjas in the past, so that he might find inspiration from them on how he could use his skills. His teacher told him off a ninja that lived once, “The Yellow Flash of the Leaf”, The Fourth Hokage. He explained how the Hokage used the ‘Flying Raijin’ technique to take advantage of his opponents through speed. Zanitos’ eyes lit up at the thought of such an amazing ninja and asked his teacher to teach him the jutsu. His Sensei chuckled and said that he did not know the jutsu, or where he could learn it and that even if he did, he doubted Zanitos would be able learn at his current level. Zanitos felt down, as he thought he had hit another brick wall. His Sensei then said that he could teach him a basic static displacement jutsu and try to master it. The teacher explained it as moving between two points at the speed of lightning with the body in the form of static electricity. Zanitos was pleased to hear that there was still a way for him to advance.

      Zanitos spent the next few weeks mastering the short teleportation technique (Named: Lightning Style: Static Blink), preparing for the exams ahead. When the Chunin exams did begin, he passed the first test with his teammates barely (due to it being a test of intelligence). The next test was where he shined, a Battle Royale situation, where he used his Blink jutsu to confuse his targets and then unleash offensive jutsus when their back was turned. His team was left as part of the finalists for this round.

      The final stage was one on one battles like most chunin exams, where he was at a disadvantage. Due to his blink jutsu being far less superior than that of The Flying Raijin jutsu, the amount of time between teleports was much longer, with a minimum of 8 seconds before he could teleport again. This meant that when he fought one on one, even if he did teleport, there were not many places for him to hide and take advantage of the enemy, unlike the Battle Royale situation. Through the first few battles, Zanitos used his speed with a combination of small amounts of teleports to rush his enemies. His final opponent was a member of the Uchiha clan who had unlocked the power of the Sharingan. When the battle had begun and Zanitos teleported close to him for an opportunity to attack, his opponent copied the jutsu and teleported away from his location, so that he could avoid the attack. This greatly impressed Zanitos with the power of the Sharingan. Once realising his blinks would be useless, he aimed to use his speed as his advantage. However, his opponent read his movements and dodged his attacks with ease. He felt at a loss, he couldn’t see a way of possibly defeating his visual prowess. Luckily for Zanitos, the Uchiha was obviously not used to wielding the Sharingan, and had to deactivate the ability not long after. Zanitos saw this opportunity and decided to end the fight before his opponent could recover. He teleported right up to him and unleashed his most powerful lightning jutsu. Luck was on Zanitos’ side again as the blow he landed on his opponent, knocked him unconscious, causing him to win the battle.

      After the long exams, Zanitos and his team were awarded the rank of Chunin. However, Zanitos felt anger at himself. If it had not been for the misfortune of his opponent, he would have been overwhelmed by the power of the Sharingan. He began to envy the power that the Uchihas wielded due to it being the perfect counterpart of his speed.

      From that day on, Zanitos swore that he would train hard and find a way to learn the Flying Raijin so that he may overcome his weaknesses. He also sought after the power of the Sharingan and wondered if there was a way he too could wield this power.

      Sorry if that Backstory was long, I had a lot I wanted to say.

      Discord #: Zilch #8812

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      Yo Zilch really nice app dude

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      Name: Yazawa Rina

      Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

      Age: 18

      Shinobi Level: Genin

      Clan: Hyuuga

      Chakra Nature: Fire
      Basic Abilities –
      Low-level ki control
      Mid-level Ninjutsu
      Low-level Taijutsu
      Basic Genjutsu
      Special Ability: Byakugan

      Battle Style: Rina fights with a mix of genjutsu and taijutsu to weaken the opponent. Once they’re weak enough, a fire jutsu is usually Rena’s go to for finishing the foe off in style.

      Personality: Rena is somewhat ignorant of the world despite her age. She spent most of her life going on low level missions and focusing on studying and practicing jutsu. She is usually focused or upbeat, she rarely gets down unless a close friend dies or she runs across the scene of a large battle. Rena enjoys studying, taking long trips, and cooking. That being said, her primary motivator is becoming stronger so she can rule her own fate.

      Backstory: Rena was born into the branch house of the Hyuuga clan. Her parents, knowing what kind of future she would face, decided the best thing to do would be to cover up the news of her birth, give her to another family, and declare her still-born before the main family could learn of her existence.
      Rena ended up growing up in the household of one of her father’s old friends from when the two were still academy students, his name was Yazawa Terada. Terada was an unmaried man but he took great care to make sure Rena was undetected by both the main branch and anyone who would want to kidnap her for her byakugan. He was an accomplished jounin and taught her basic fighting skills so she could defend herself in the future. Terafa was always open about Rena’s byakugan and told her that she should make a point to hide her ability whenever possible. As a result Rena grew up a bit reserved, always afraid that one day the main branch would come for her and try to brand her, or worse.
      Once Rena turned twelve, she was allowed to live on her own in a home that was in the same neighborhood as Terada, she took the opportunity to have some privacy. For the next few years Rena would perform low level missions to afford rent and spend the rest of her time talking with her friends in the neighborhood. One day when she was fourteen, Terada left on a mission and never returned. Rena was crushed when she finally realized Terada wasn’t coming back but she held out hope that he may be alive somewhere.
      The loss of Terada chaned Rena, she had lost the only person in the world she trusted to keep her safe. She began focusing even harder on improving her skills as a fighter, spending as much time as she could on studying and practicing her abilities; at the expense of her social life. Rena knew that one day she would be found and the strongest clans in the world would be after her so she worked to hone her byakugan’s power so she could stand a chance against against the main family, should they come after her.
      To this day, she’s still training and doing low level missions, who knows what the world has planned for her beyond tomorrow.

      Discord #: #2177

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        This bio was a little rushed since I had to be somewhere when I wrote it and I don’t want to spam this page with changes; since I can’t edit the post. I do plan to develop the bio a bit if you contact me, figured i’d give you a heads up in advance on that.

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        Please post your discord. the one you posted is invalid.

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        or 𝕿𝖍𝖊 𝕿𝖗𝖆𝖘𝖍 𝕸𝖆𝖓#2177

        Whichever works. If they’re both not working then send me yours at and i’ll add you that way.

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      slowly but surely this server is growing

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      Name: Adimis

      Alignment: Lawful Neutral

      Age: 17

      Shinobi Level: Chunin

      Clan: Uchiha

      Chakra Nature: Fire
      Basic Abilities:
      • Very Low-Level Taijutsu
      • Mid-Level Fire Ninjutsu
      • Mid-level Standard Ninjutsu

      Special Abilities:
      Excells in Genjutsu

      Battle Style: Adimis prefers to sit back and use Ninjutsu and Genjutsu to hinder his enemies. He doesn’t like close combat but if he has to he will use it though he isn’t very good at it.

      Personality: Adimis strikes as a intellegent shinobi and wishes to learn more about his clan and how to use their Kekkei Genkai. For the most part Adimis is serious but is laid back when he is surrounded by his team or friends. He shows the upmost respect to his peers.
      As a young boy, Adimis lived like a “normal” child, apart from his father being killed in an accident and his mother being reported missing as a rogue ninja. This meant that Adimis was often made fun of in the orphanage. Due to the teasing, he became very shy and didn’t like many other children. Adimis’ reasoning behind joined the academy was to see if he could find his mother and ask why she left and her intentions; he wants to try to bring her back so he could live as normal kid.
      Once Adimis joined the academy he tried his best. However, his mother’s shroud still haunted him leading to him being a target once again for the other kids. This didn’t hold him down which led him to being a shining light for his peers. Following that, he received special Genjutsu training from one of his teachers who also happened to be an Uchiha. Adimis then learnt of the infamous Sharingan but didn’t know how to activate it.
      When the academy final exams started, the written exams were fairly easy for Adimis. However, the practical exams were a challenge for him, leading to him passing on an average level. Adimis studied hard for the written exam which led to him being confident with it, hence why he passed. However, he was afraid of the practical and of failing due to his early childhood in the orphanage. When Adimis passed and was put on his team, he found some new friends. These other kids weren’t part of the orphanage and didn’t know much about him, Adimis proceeded to keep his past to himself because of insecurities.
      The Genin missions were fairly challenging for Adimis due to one of his team members (Zanitos) believing it to be too boring and made Adimis and his other team member (Kou) do majority of the work. However, when it came to combat, Zanitos charged in first with excitement, not really giving anyone else a chance. It felt unfair but it was in good fun and the team continued doing missions.
      Every day, Adimis studied the art of combat to get an edge on his opponents in the upcoming Chunin exams. This led to him finding a book about the Uchiha and their special abilities. One of the chapters in the book was labelled “Sharingan” which told him a lot about the Kekkei Genkai and how to activate it. It stated: “When a wielder of this Kekkei Genkai experiences a powerful emotional event with regards to a person precious to them, their brain releases a special form of chakra that affects the optic nerves, transforming the eyes into Sharingan”. Adimis read this and got a better understanding of his potential and why his teacher picked him. As he was reading a chapter labelled “Mange-“, someone interrupted him, which resulted in Adimis closing the book and losing the page. The interrupter was none other than Kou, who was asking how he was going with his preparation.
      More time passed and Adimis was training on some dummies to improve his Taijutsu and Ninjutsu. His Ninjutsu was improving at a much greater rate than his Taijutsu. Kou then began helping him out with training which turned into sparring. This helped Adimis get a better understanding of combat and hopefully pass the Chunin exams. That night Adimis walked home for some extra exercise and looked into an alleyway and saw Kou being beaten up by a group of people. Adimis decided to step in to save his team member, but found him half dead to a point where he could not be saved. Adimis used Genjutsu to put everyone to sleep and took Kou to the hospital. As Adimis and Kou got to the doors he died in his arms. This caused Adimis to cry in pain and frustration as his eyes changed from black to the blood red colour of the Sharingan.
      The Chunin exams were live and Adimis passed each stage until the finals, one on one combat. He beat most of his opponents fairly easily with the high level Genjutsu he had learnt, accompanied by his Fire Style. His final opponent was none other than Zanitos who had studied Adimis’ fighting style and learnt how to dodge the fire techniques. Adimis was bored of using Genjutsu to win, so he activated his Sharingan and began copying Zanitos’ teleportation jutsu. Adimis read \his opponents movements with his Sharingan, dodging his advances. The match had pretty much been decided until Adimis couldn’t hold his Sharingan any longer and had to deactivate. This resulted in Adimis being hit by a large ball of destructive lightning that seemed to hit both of the fighters, knocking Adimis unconscious.
      Adimis and Zanitos were awarded the rank of Chunin. However, he felt Zanitos was angry and avoided him. Adimis felt the need to be stronger, one of the strongest Uchiha to ever have lived and he would need his team to accomplish this.
      As many days and months passed, Adimis knew he could do better and that he will do better. Learning the location of his mother and bringing her back as his first goal since becoming the strongest Uchiha was going to take a long time. No matter what lay ahead though, Adimis was ready for anything.
      Discord: MajorLeWasted#8340

      (I’m guessing you already knew this but Zanitos and I planned this since we wanted to be on the same team if possible)

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        Accepted nice job!

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      just repyling

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      Can I Be A Hybrid Clan

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      Name : ken

      Alignment: mostly good but ruthless

      Age: 25

      Shinobi Level : high chuunin

      Clan: no specific clan but the name is bento

      Skills/Techniques :
      fire affinty normal and matatabis fire
      high level fire ninjutso
      mid level taijutsu
      mid level ninjutso
      no genjutso
      Special Abilities:
      kage bunshin no jutso
      big fireball techniqe
      2 tails jincurrriki Tailed Beast Mode
      bijuu ball
      summoning jutso
      Battle Style:
      close range battles with taijutso and kage bunshins to create openings for his main damage source consisting of fire and normal ninjutsu
      Personality: ken will be a bit arrogant in personal but in battles he will fight seriously.
      he will trust is few friends but be fairly hostile toward other people.

      Backstory:ken lives in konoha village and gotten the 2 tails as a child by the age of 2 as a way to contain the newly caught 2 tails bijuu without neither him or both of his parents knowing. after 3 years his father died in a mission by a known suna shinobi and once he heard about it he exploded with rage and he was surrounded by the 2 tails chakra cloak with one tail thus killing his mother and 5 other shinobi who came to contain him until the 2 jonins came and contained the chakra claok.
      after the accident he didn’t remember anything that happened other than his father death and the accident was kept secret from him, while shinobi told him that a thief killed is mom.
      a year later by the age of 6 he joined the academy and graduated after 4 years. immediately after the ceremony ended he was taken to a talk with the hokage who told him that he has the 2 tails and that he has to be careful and to try to communicate with the nimi( the name of the 2 tails).
      kens new teammates where goro and ran and his leader was haru a high class chunnin who became a teacher due to the lack of jonin level shinobi during the war. he didn’t manage to talk to him for the 5 years of being a genin he didn’t manage to talk to him or use his power until one B class mission when he saw the shinobi who killed his father and blindly charged him full with rage and the nimi chakra cloak but was easily defeated by him.
      he was rescued by his team leader who knew about his jinnchuriky status along with goro and ran and was taken to the hospital. while in the hospital he learned to talk to the nimi and after he came out he was able to use a bit of the nimi chakra.
      after two more years by the age of 17 he went to take the chunnin exams along with his long time teammates Goro and ran who together passed the first exam with ease.
      in the second exam they fought together and beat the first team they encountered and went straight to the main building, but on the way they saw taka and her teammates who where with them in the academy killed by 3 not recognizable shinobi with masks. rage has taken over ken and he approached to fight them but suudenly 8 konoha shinobi including haru came and caught the unrecognizable shinobi’s and told ken goro and ran to continue the exam. after finishing the exam they were told that the attackers where suna shinobi who wanted to kill the young konoha shinobi to have the advantage in the war. in the third exam there where no preliminary rounds due to only konoha shinobi participating. the main battles of the exam started and goro ran and ken beated their opponents during the first round but in the second round goro and ran where supposed to be against each other. ken beat his opponent and waited to see who will fight him in the finals goro or ran but as the battled was equal a big explosion was heard and suna shinobi suddenly appeared in the staduim and when the smoke from the explosion cleared ken saw goro and ran dead on the floor. filled with rage he attacked the suna shinobi along with the other konoha shinobi, seeing how much he cares for his friends nimi contacted him and gave him her full power and her real name matatabi resulting in ken getting the Tailed Beast Mode and beating every enemy shinobi thus becoming a chunnin and getting a new power but losing his closest Friends. losing his closests friend made him ruthless and he started killing every enemy shinobi he encountered in missions and battles.
      after the exams he was leading different teams and fighting in the wars against the other villages and always winning the the battles he fought gaining a reputation of being very strong chuunin resulting in him becoming arrogant and having no mercy for weaker shinobi.

      discord # : #1607 amit

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        when will you answer?

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        when are going to answer

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      Name : Kensai (kin,say)
      Click this link to see kensai’s appearance

      Alignment : Good

      Age : 14

      Shinobi Level : Chunin

      Clan : Namikaze

      Skills/Techniques: (Flying Raijin) , Chidori , Thunderbolt – Water Dragon, Water bubble.
      (Genjutsu – Yellow Stream)

      Battle Style : High Taijutsu/ Mid Ninjutsu/Low Genjutsu

      Personality : Nice, Not easily provoked, Clumsy, Embarrased fast.

      Backstory :
      Ever since the academy Kensai has always been quiet and did his work, but things changed when the early genin years started.

      At the start of his academy years Kensai was still quiet and usually did his work, but than a group of three kids walked up to him declaring that they would be his friend and they would stand up for him if anything happens to go down, obviously Kensai would accept this offer, so the group of kids asked him to meet by the forest, when Kensai got to the forest the kids only said that were going to see a monster whom was only a mith and said Kensai could not be their friend if he is to scared to tag along, so Kensai tagged along and long story short they walked deep into the forest and found a giant ditch they decided to hang there extra long, but Kensai accidentally fell due to his clumsiness and broke his leg he was only able to lie their in the ditch, The kids could have help but instead they laughed and ran off.

      After about ten hours lieing in the ditch which most of the time Kensai was sleep, a man named Benson was running past when he seen Kensai got him, teleported him to the top of the ditch which Benson was also a namikaze he tried his best to heal his leg as much as he could, he would get Kensai to the hospital but the kids had walked so deep to the point where it would take all of his chakra trying to teleport Kensai and his self to the hospital at one time.

      So while Benson and Kensai were in the forest they began to talk, long story short Benson ended up figuring out that Kensai was the son of his worst enemy and decided to end the boy’s life slowly, he tried but Kensai ran as fast as he could on a hurt leg, luckily Benson wanted to murder him slowly because of the hate for his father, Kensai only got close enough to be in Namikaze territory, a Namikaze seen him running and went as fast as he could to get Kensai’s father. his father also came out as fast as he could, the moment he got there Kensai was lying on the ground unable to move and Benson standing over him, Kensai’s father and Benson faught to the death for the final battle and Kensai’s father “Kashi” Came out victorious.

      After this Kashi thought that he should be home schooled and trained and schooled him at the namikaze base, When he became a jonin he joined a school again and this time more stronger and smarter than ever.

      Kensai is now a chunin of the leaf village and is now smart enough to choose better friends, and is ready to begin his life as a ninja!

      Discord #: Yellow#1080

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      Name:Izo Izo’S Appearance Alignment:Good
      Shinobi Level:Chunin
      Skills/Techniques:Flying Raijin Chidori Rasengan Nine Tails Chakra Mode Sage Mode Lightning Release: Thunderclap Arrow Lightning Release: Purple Electricity
      Battle Style: Likes Getting Upclose And Using Taijutsu And He Uses His Ninjutsu Upclose.
      Personality:Izo Is Nice And Funny He Jokes About Alot Of Things But When He Is On A Mission Serious

      Backstory:Izo was born as the grandson of the Second Hokage, so he was quite proud of his heritage. This made him look down on a few people, one of them being his future wife, Naomi Uzumaki, however she beat this habit out of him when he saved her. Despite being a descendant of the Senju, he, along with his older brother Hotaka, was given the surname of their grandmother Keiko.

      Izo Was made part of a team with 2 unknown members, and their was led by By An Unknown Person. He was Made The 9 Tails Jinchuricki due to his ancestry, however he gave up the position since he said he “wouldn’t be able to cope with too much responsibility”.relating to work, which showed the level of trust they had in each other.

      After his mother died, his older brother moved to Suna, which effectively made him abandon Izo. In time, Izo Recovered From The Pain Of Losing His Brother. Izo looked out for him for a long time, he was unable to save Kimiko, and was there just in time to help Tadao, but his efforts were in vain as Tadao died from his wounds a short time later. As the team only had one member left, it disbanded.

      Discord #:Jimbob#8531

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