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      Is there a possibility of (maybe only for a time) focusing on Naruto C, I enjoy both mods but think Naruto C has a lot of potential and I would like at least a saga system so it’s fully playable, just attacking mobs isn’t enough training. Also if a village was actually constructed (this may be a large task but some of the NPCs are spawning in trees etc and it would be nice if they had a proper place). I also love the current jutsu system, using 1,2 and 3 of the numpad for handsigns. Again, I do like both mods but think it would be better if both were more playable, rather than one being more playable and the other lacking.

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      I totally agree. I haven’t gave Naruto C much time because it’s not as fleshed out. However, I was a DBZ fan before Naruto, so I am a bit biased to see improvements to DBC. Aside from that, I would love a more complete Naruto C, but I think that completing DBC would make it easier to do so. Instead of trying to solve problems with both, finish one and use what was learned in its development to more easily craft the other. For example, cities are planned for DBC, you mentioned villages, so if he perfected a city system first, the villages would be easier to implement using a similar layout. Another would be Great Nameks and Oozaru, these could lead to the Susanoo or the Akamichi clan’s Expansion Jutsu.

      P.S. I am not against periodical updates to Naruto C that benefit off of previous DBC improvements. I just don’t like the idea of completely focusing (even if for a limited time) on one mod when the first is not finished.

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      I agree as well and I agree with StarHawk on waiting till DBC is done. My reasoning is that Naruto C’s potential is far, far, FAR greater than DBC’s own. I’m saying this because in DBC there is really only 1 starting point in the story. In Naruto C however we can have the possibility of starting during the Clan Wars era, the First, Second, or even Third Shinobi War Eras or even the Era when the Naruto anime starts, and Possibly starting in the Boruto time period. Each with different Stories with different outcomes. Imagine starting in the Clan Wars Era and living long enough with Year C that the Shinobi Villages are starting to be founded. Naruto C has the potential to be even bigger than DBC ever could be, it just needs time.

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