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    Similar to Super and his Dragon Block C Chat I am making a Naruto C chat for the Naruto Community. In it you can talk about Naruto and the mod. As well as making contributions to it. Along with advertising your Naruto C server and recruiting staff for it There is also of course a meme and spoiler channel and voice and music channels. And what is an anime server without an nsfw lol.

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    Oh and so I don’t need to make another post. On Naruto C Chat I will leave a link to a Naruto C server I am started. Formerly known as Project Naruto and before that Legends of Z I am starting a new naruto c server known as Naruto C: The Last. (Because you know…. Last Naruto C server lol)

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    Naruto C:The Last is going to be doing some more lure building and more planning for its release. Naruto C Chat wise we are working on getting some Youtubers started up to help us grow. We will do Community Boruto Discussions, Naruto C Update Videos, and many other things for the community.

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