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    Alright Jin I Know Your Busy With DBC But I’m Here To Ask For You To Please Focus On Naruto C For A Bit
    Like The “Mangekyou Sharingan Creator” Should Be Added And The “Mangekyou Sharingan Ability Maker”
    The Susanoo Needs Evolution To The Perfect Susanoo.
    Maybe Add A “Genjutsu Creator” Where When The Genjutsu Is Cast The Person On The Receiving End
    Goes To Another Dimension Or Something Dunno ;d
    Maybe Shadow Clones Should Stop Attacking Each Other If Cast By The Same Person.
    Also Add Some Wild Monsters That You Can Summon With The Summoning Jutsu.
    Maybe Some Already Made Sharingan Abilities Like “Kamui” Or “KotoAmatsuKami”

    Anyway That’s All For Now Jin Please Focus On Naruto C. It Has So Much Potential.

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    Son Netsui Surudan


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    Same thing i say about more things

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    dragon ball super is hot right now so naruto is on the back burner atm

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    is it just me or i just don’t like Dragon Balls?
    BTW, great idea, and i also want to see
    -Minato’s Kunai(the teleporting one)
    -and also i would like to see a Mount Myouboku dimension,Kamui dimension,etc.
    -Jinchuuriki/Bijuu too
    -a color customized Susanoo would be cool
    -also a Rinenggan with all(or not) the jutsu
    -a bunch of new jutsus also would be cool
    -and i know this is hard to work on but, maybe of you have time you could make an Edo Tensei(multiplayer only) and you’re basically immortal unless someone seal you(i know it’s hard but im just asking)
    -and new clothings, like Hokage’s outfit, Tobi, Madara, Naruto The Last Movie,an ANBU outfit,etc. btw i’ve been thinking about this for a while now, why did you make the jounin ninja top’s arm folded? i don’t know man, it looks ridiculous for me, it’s like my character is way too big for the outfit XD
    -also Sage Mode
    -also add more clan
    -a bunch of Naruto’s food 😀
    -a bunch of new weapons, like that fan thing that madara used, samehada/the seven swordsman of the mist weapons,etc.
    -and a bunch more that i can’t think of right now…

    thanks for reading this 😀

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