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    hello does anyone know if mystic form is as strong as super saiyan 3 for all races or if its just as strong as super saiyan 3 for saiyans and to anyone on jins team or anything if u read this pls make mystics power boost a bit more pls because it is differen gohans mystic can compete with ssjb not beat but isnt alot weaker after training so the multiplier in super is way higher than ssj3 or make it so the more powerful you grow and the more percentage of your power you unlock the stronger mystic becomes because you have a higher limit and potential or just add in config a way to edit mystics multiplier or how long it takes mystic form to get more powerful so say every 500 stat to strength and constitution and dexterity stat mystic gets 5% stronger each time? just a thought i really hope this gets added thanks for your time

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    it is not.

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    unless you change the multipliers in the configs…

    so you could make mystic more powerful by yourself

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    i didnt know there was a config to change mystics multiplier? where can i find that

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