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Mystic and Majin Configuration

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    Apologies if this is supposed to be in the comment section but I had to get this off my chest. Here are a couple ways Majin and Mystic could be improved in the configuration files.

    Number 1: Have there an option to make Majin a skill!
    I realize having Majin as an effect is also viable, which it is now, but hear me out. If majin has an option to be used as a skill, server owners/single players would have the power to make both forms equal in strength, which i will get to in my next idea.

    Number 2: Have Mystic (and majin if #1 plays out) added into the damage multiplier forms area!
    Doing this would not only make Mystic(or both forms) configurable in power, it would give server owners power to balance both forms equally or different, to change the experience.

    Number 3: Add Mystic (and majin if it gets turned into a skill) a cost upgrade area!
    This may be a little small/low priority, but here it goes. This would allow, you guessed it, for more customization on this. Something that would look a little like:
    # Server Sided! Saiyan main skill costs changable.
    I:”Skill OldKaiUnlock TP costs” <
    or something along those lines.
    Thank you for reading and have a nice day!

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