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    Son Netsui Surudan

    I know,Jin,u are very things to make,but when u be any time u can make one My Hero Academia mod.I am very ideas to than,so i only will say One For All(Understand?)in the anime,if the Midoriya use 100% from one for all he lose the part from the body than he use,and remember than u want make one sistem from members?So,will be perfect.Other idea are the One For All be one limit from persons,like the effect from lssj,and if u pass than u lose the One For All.The max from players whit One For All can be changed in the config.And jin,u too can make quirks originals,and to get one quirk you have to deal with character creation.(Sorry for the bad english,i am Brazillian)

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    Dude…. Jin has like 4 mods to work on, do you think, he will be able to handle 5 mods? Do you want to have like one update every 2 Months? I dont think so… so please dont try to push him with more ideas.

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    So the only quirk people would be able to use is OFA?
    That seems kinda boring to me to be honest. Since everyone would be doing the same thing.

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      Son Netsui Surudan

      I not say than OFA will be the unic quirk,i only say than be my unic idea 😛

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    I’m making a mod for it ,it’s nowhere near done (I’ve only got it to work but no features yet)
    and it’s for minecraft 1.12 PM me on discord Airswift101#7050

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    I don’t think Jin should be wasting his time on another mod he already has 4

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    Son Netsui Surudan

    if u want jin,i and other fans can say ideas for quirks and how can work,ok?

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