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      Hello there! well i want to talk about the following thing on this post: Multiplier for Mystic and new Oozaru Forms!

      So i wanted that it has an way that we could change Mystic Form multiplier because, well Mystic is different for the other races that aren’t Saiyans i mean it is weak for them. Because for Saiyans it has same multiplier as SSJ3 cool but for the other races it has the multiplier of Full realesed as example and thats pretty unfair because Saiyans are the most op race but dude it is a lil bit unfair cuz like all servers of DBC don’t balance the multiplier for the other races, and the other races get very shitty cuz people put GodForm hard to get on their servers and don’t put a good multiplier for Human,Namekian and Arcosian so these races get shitty cuz man while Saiyans has their SSJ3 the other races just has thei Full realesed Form that is a way weaker then SSJ2 and SSJ3 and so it gets hard to them get strong because of that i would like to see a way to change the multiplier of Mystic Form it would help alot! well thats it thats what i wanted to say about Mystic now let’s go to the next Topic! Oozaru Forms!

      Oozaru Custom Forms:

      Well, now about the Oozaru Forms, so i got this idea while i was playing a mobile Dragon Ball game called Saiyan Arena Online which is pretty fun! well but i’m not here to talk about games, the idea is that we should have more Super Oozaru forms like SSJ2 Oozaru SSJ3 Oozaru SSG Oozauru and SSB/SSR Oozaru! to unlock these forms first you would need Super Form and GodForm Skills it should be like this: Golden Oozaru – Super Form LVL1 SSJ2 Oozaru – Super Form LVL5 – SSJ3 Oozaru – Super Form LVL6 / God Oozaru – GodForm LVL1 – SSB/SSR Oozaru – GodForm LVL2
      Well and to transform into these forms you would need to go Oozaru and change your Super Form on “X” to the form you want to go example SSJ2 Oozaru then put it to SS2, God/SSB Oozaru it would be SSG for God Oozaru and SSB Oozaru, but if u want to go instantly to SSB Oozaru then just put it to SSB. i guess u thinking; “No m8 dude this thing would be too op!” Well i suggest Super Oozaru form would be an Boost of 50% or less well it should be an config that you could put the boost between 10% and 100%. i got an picture of SSB Oozaru of Saiyan Arena Game, its something like this:

      Well thats my ideas i would like very much to see and way to change Mystic form and new Oozaru Forms! thanks for reading!!

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      So you request Mystic to be configurable so Saiyan’s aren’t being Wanked off completely..? Then ask for Saiyans to be Wanked off completely again by asking to give them stronger variants of their forms..?

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      Very Poop Ideia

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      Mr. Perfect Cell

      sorry but as much as id like for toei to remember saiyans are monkeys, if it isnt in the manga/anime or an officially licensed by namco bandai video game, i don’t think itll be added to the mod.
      not to say it wouldnt be believable to have godly great apes. but, too soon to suggest that.

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