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    Could it be possible to add a config option to allow players to adjust the multipliers for thing like damage and body points work? That way people could start out with the usual 200 body/25 or make it lower/higher as they need for a modpack(the option to lower it to say 20 body/5 damage and have state increases multiply with that as the base would be much appreciated)

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    open %appdata% go to .minecraft, config file, check both jrmc files there in one of them you can see damage multiplier arcosians, saiayans etc

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    What about ki, stamina, and “Body” points? Am more concerned with the health/body pool to honest.

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      Yeah true, it would be useful if there was a config that allowed you to change the stat gain from the attributes. You could make it so minecraft mobs are challenging that way, and balance the game any way you want

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      Sam Noé

      How did I not see this post before, this a super good idea ! Could fix a lot of things in term of balance between races, which is a big concern right now. I hereby give this post my complete support.

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