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    Anass Belmekki

    I have a suggestion; more movements (or a movements mod)
    I saw that you already use some custom movements like moving your hand while using ki blasts, and while flying.
    Anyways, this mod will have custom animations while flying, running and swimming,you can make it more like Mo’Bends mod, cause every attack got it own animation, i mean like:punch, punch 2, punch 3, kick, punch 4.
    These are suggestiôns for 5 punches.
    Punches may get a better animation,i mean better than the normal one.
    Anyways, u can make it like a mod (like u did to hair c mod) and also ingame.

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    Support, nice idea

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    He’s working on mod support, so if Jin and the creater of mo’ bends we’re to get together maybe they can make it work together.

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